Is Jack Straw right?

  Cymro. 11:01 09 Jan 2011

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I was rather surprised that this was not on the forum when I came on this morning. People on here are not usually slow to spot such things. Surely it is not too controversial for this forum. I hope it does not turn in to a racist rant as such things all too often do. As it happens I think J.S. was right to say what he did, free speech and all that.

  Quickbeam 11:13 09 Jan 2011

If you walk down your local High Street on any weekend night you'll see how 'easy' the easy meat is.

They go out to get drunk and laid in that order.

  Marko797 11:13 09 Jan 2011

As Martin Narey, chief executive of Barnardo's, said: "I don't think this is so much about targeting white girls - because there (sic)
black girls are also victims - it's about targeting vulnerable, isolated girls".

The last part on vulnerability is significant in my mind.

Vulnerable women/girls are easy prey for other so inclined groups, not just Pakistanis.

  Cymro. 11:27 09 Jan 2011

So what are you actually suggesting then? There is a very big difference between being "laid" and being raped.

  jack O'lantern 11:31 09 Jan 2011

Groups of guys out on the pull.
Such groups do tend to stick to their kind- though not always-as has been reported many times.
The other element here is that some cultural groups- keep a tighter reign on their woman folk,and are not allowed to 'roam free', and so are not available to seduce.

  Marko797 11:32 09 Jan 2011

I think there's a big difference between the scenario described by Quickbeam, and what the article is referring to.

  Marko797 11:36 09 Jan 2011

"Groups of guys out on the pull". I don't think this is what it's about at all.

It's about the abuse, control, & degradation of vulnerable girls/women.

  Quickbeam 11:40 09 Jan 2011

That's your interpretation not mine. But they go out already drunk with the intention of getting drunker. They have to take some responsibility for themselves along the way over the final outcome if they want to cry rape in the morning. Young lads, of whatever race go out with a surging testosterone level, and if their all pissed, there will be problems with confused social signals.

Rape is one of the hardest things to prove in that situation. Nobody really knows if it is or not for sure, so girls need to waken up to this going out to get drunk culture if they don't want the 'easy meat' tag.

Well, that's a hornet's nest post if ever there was one.

  birdface 11:42 09 Jan 2011

As they cannot target there own kind they pick on others.
If they targeted their own kind the chances of them surviving would be rather poor.
I would agree with Jack Straw but would point out that this is undertaken by certain individuals who give the rest of there countrymen a bad name.
Now you have to ask.
Who is the racist.
Jack Straw for mentioning it or those Jailed for doing it.

  finerty 11:48 09 Jan 2011

One has to realise that its not just one race but all races that have good and bad in them. I remember a time back when all blacks were classed as muggers by the police especially in the Brent area of London and Brixton

Yet not all muggers come from certain races. There are gangs of organised criminals who commit rape especially loan sharks just to off debt.

They commit fraud they get violent and abusive and there the gangs who deal in drugs.

And there the kind hearted people of the UK who fight crime.

  userious? 12:04 09 Jan 2011

Im working with a lady who moved down here to Cornwall, with her two daughters, because of the way Asian men talked and treated them.

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