I've won the Spanish Lottery (with no ticket)

  lotvic 19:44 27 Oct 2008

I've received in the post a notification of my winnings in the Spanish Lottery.
985,950 euros no less :) even though I didn't buy a ticket (aren't they nice)

All I have to do to claim is fill the form in with all my bank details and sign it
so that they can pay my money in.... Cough, cough.

Of course I'm supposed to keep it a secret as there has been 'a mix up of some numbers and names' so I do hope that telling you lot won't affect my claim.

Now, what shall I spend it on?

  csqwared 20:15 27 Oct 2008

I seem to win these on a regular basis and shudder to think how many millions of Euros I have lost by ignoring these letters. Don't know who's entering on my behalf but I wish they'd give it a rest!! :-))

  MAT ALAN 20:15 27 Oct 2008


  jack 20:20 27 Oct 2008


  octal 20:20 27 Oct 2008

My mum received one of them, along with most of the other oldies on in the sheltered accommodation, some of the poor old dears really took it to heart and thought they really had won something, luckily at the age of 93 my mum has her head screwed on and put them wise about it, they had a mass burn-up of all the letters, it's a pity they didn't catch one of the scumbags who instigated it, they could have burned them at the stake at the same time, prying on old people like that.

  Miké 20:35 27 Oct 2008

Watch out lotvic, now you've gone public wait for the begging letters!

P.S got any spare cash guvnor....

  WhiteTruckMan 20:47 27 Oct 2008

who foolishly went out and bought a ticket are feeling pretty foolish right now...


  lotvic 21:02 27 Oct 2008

okay then, when my dosh arrives we'll all have a party with no expense spared. Yeeee Harrr :)))

  Spark6 23:27 27 Oct 2008

We should get together and celebrate. Last week, on the day of my 76th birthday, I received a 'Final bequest notice' email from Ellis Alexandra Esq., notifying me that a deceased gentleman had generously made me a benificiary in his will for the sum of Five million one hundred thousand US dollars. Mr Alexandra is hoping to hear from me 'in no distant date'!

  lofty29 09:34 28 Oct 2008

Unfortunatly so many people fall for this type of scam, mostly the elderly, and loose their life savings to these scumbags.

  Quickbeam 11:03 28 Oct 2008

Just imagine how much you would have won with a ticket...

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