I've seen the weirdest looking cat

  Totally-braindead 15:57 19 Apr 2007

Theres quite a few cats down at my mum and dads and theres a really freaky looking one that I have nicknamed chopshop.
The reason is, it looks like it has been created by Frankenstein, The front of the cat, its head and its front paws are really long haired ending just behind its front legs. The rest of it is short haired. Its completely black and looks like the front of one cat has been attached to the back of another cat hence my thought of the name chopshop after the chopping up of 2 cars to make one.

I've seen a few strange animals but have never seen a cat like that. It does honestly look like two parts of different cats stuck together, can't help wondering what its owners call it.

  Al94 16:34 19 Apr 2007

I detest cats

  Kate B 17:38 19 Apr 2007

Take a pic and post it, T-b, that Frankenmog sounds hilarious.

  Forum Editor 17:43 19 Apr 2007

that it is a long-haired cat which has been shaved - perhaps because of a skin condition.

  bjh 18:06 19 Apr 2007

..... or flea allergy - tends to make the hair at the rear end short. Doesn't mean it has fleas, either.

But a piccie please....

  pj123 18:36 19 Apr 2007

Or somehow you have got in to my house without me knowing??

  wee eddie 18:43 19 Apr 2007

Don't touch and maybe tell the PDSA

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:50 19 Apr 2007

Eat it.


  Totally-braindead 18:59 19 Apr 2007

I'm trying to get a pic of it but we only see it every second day. It could be shaved FE I never thought of that but if it was it was a while ago as its fur has grown back. And the strangness of it is the entire front of the cat round the head and over the neck and front legs and part of the body is long haired, the rest from its belly back including the tail is short. Its very differcult to imagine. The long fur just stops and then the short fur takes over.
Its weird. My mum told my sister, whos a vetinary nurse and she thought it was a wind up. Its not, the cat does exist and its the weirdest looking thing out. It does honestly look like the front of one cat and the back of another. Damndest thing I've ever seen.
I will post a pic when I get it.
Don't think it can be mange because its only the rear half of the cat thats affected, the front is fully furred. I've seen animals with mange and it looks quite healthy. I'll try to get a closer look at it the next time.

  Watchful 19:06 19 Apr 2007

As already said, it could have been shaved because of a medical condition or an operation. The fur should grow back eventually. If it doesn't then it must just be a freak of nature probably caused by inbreeding.

I knew of a neighbour's cat that lost all of its hair except around the front end and head. It was caused by a nervous condition and lack of vitamins due to it having mouth ulcers and not being able to eat properly. It looked like a lion with a bare tail except for a bob on the end.

  tried 19:07 19 Apr 2007

Is one leg shorter than the other seven, gosh this is a worry dont eat it yet,I may have a reserpete or a recipe even!

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