I've just invested £33k

  LegoTestPilot 14:50 11 Dec 2007

I'm not a gamer, but i have found a site that is very addictive to play on.
Come and play the virtual stock market @ click here

Invested £300k so far & the most i've lost in a day is 35k, so far!.
It's fun & a laugh.
But does show what happens in the real world.

And I’m not connected in anyway to the above site except by playing on it & it's getting very addictive!!

  CatTrading 19:17 16 Dec 2007
  GEEKSTA 21:39 18 Dec 2007

is this real money?

  crosstrainer 09:12 19 Dec 2007

If you know the market, then fine...Else the words "loss" and "Addictive" come to mind :)

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