I've just been a good boy!

  Chris the Ancient 10:47 23 Aug 2007

I was browsing back through 'My Postings' to see if any of the threads I tried to add help to had actually been resolved.

Yes, I _know_ there have been many, many threads in these hallowed halls on the subject of people not giving the green tick; and it is not my intention to raise that again.

Then, I realised I was nearly as guilty as some of those people that don't do it either.

So, be honest. Have you had a recent tidy up and spring clean of your green ticks? ;-))

  spuds 11:24 23 Aug 2007

We all fall into the same trap from time to time ;o))

  Cymro. 12:26 23 Aug 2007

Once the posting disappears from the bottom of the page it it very easy to forget about it and so not remember the green tick.

  hereford456 13:55 23 Aug 2007

Green tick??????????????

Oh that green tick, yes i do when i remember;-)

  Legolas 11:17 25 Aug 2007

Maybe the tech boffins could set up something that after a time scale of a couple of weeks a thread was automatically ticked, on second thoughts that would just encourage less thread ticking, it is a thorny issue

  Kate B 11:26 25 Aug 2007

Or maybe people who think ticking the box is important could just do it quietly without smugly posting that they've done so and those who are less fussed about it can just get on with being less fussed about it and without being hectored to spend precious moments of their lives wading back through ancient posts to tick a box on a topic that everyone, including themselves, has forgotten about.

Just a thought, like. :)

  spuds 11:33 25 Aug 2007

Stop the world, I want to get off.

Kate B as just mentioned "precious moments of their lives".

  Legolas 12:17 25 Aug 2007

I'm sorry Kate B I must disagree with you very strongly over this if everyone went about willy nilly forgetting to tick their old threads it would be complete forum anarchy and I for one will not be party to that, I am very proud of my thread ticking record and your rather blase attitude to it frankly worries me.

  Kate B 12:38 25 Aug 2007

Legolas, I hope that post was made with your tongue firmly in your cheek. In the great scheme of things, somehow thread ticking doesn't quite get up there for me with world peace, curing Aids and generally living my life.

"Forum anarchy" is possibly the funniest thing I've heard all day. It conjures up glorious images of forum members running amock and *gasp* leaving threads unticked.

Thank you for worrying about my attitude, but I'm not worried about it, and so I humbly suggest that you worry about something more important.

Oh, and apologies for the cliche which spuds has rightly pulled me up on. "Precious moments of our lives" is a rubbish bit of writing.

  Legolas 12:42 25 Aug 2007

I think I will leave you guessing on where my tongue was.

  Chris the Ancient 18:01 27 Aug 2007

Sorry, been away.

I wasn't being 'smug'. Merely trying to drop subtle hints. My apologies if it was little to subtle.

When I'm following threads, I find it a little aggravating to offer help - and then never know if it worked!

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