I've jsut recieved my 100th positive

  belfman 20:32 05 Jun 2008

feedback on ebay. 100% and a member since 2004, not bad, eh?

Soon to be 101 if this guy gets his act together and over comes the fear of his wife and pays me. He says he's pleased to win the item but his wife won't be happy... and he'll try and get me payment today (this was yesterday) but it hasn't happened yet.

ROFL wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall in his house!

  charmingman 21:09 05 Jun 2008

You got there b4 me m8, Its realy something to keep teh 100% i must say Its a real shame Ebay dont appreciate it, well they will the fee's they charge..keep it up...

  Blackhat 22:12 05 Jun 2008

eBaying for 3 years now, mostly selling.
click here

  mrwoowoo 22:30 05 Jun 2008

Can't beat that.
My wife has 582 and i have 193.Both 100% positive.
I think i will buy off you next time ,so that if i'm not satisfied i can threaten to tell everyone here how nasty you are.(O:!

  birdface 22:57 05 Jun 2008

Its not easy.I bought an item off someone close to where I stay and arranged to go and pick it up the following night.When I went to collect it.he already sold it to someone else.So I posted a negative for him on e-bay.And to get his own back did likewise for me.I appealed to e-bay telling them what happened and they told me if I wanted to get rid of the negative feed back I would have to pay.I think they wanted £20-£40 to do this.I have not bought anything from e-bay since.Congratulations on reaching your 100th positive.Long may it last.

  mrwoowoo 23:10 05 Jun 2008

Rightly or wrongly, under feedback rule changes a seller can now, no longer leave a negative feedback for a buyer.
Not ideal,but in your case it would have been an advantage.

  Blackhat 23:11 05 Jun 2008

‘they told me if I wanted to get rid of the negative feed back I would have to pay. I think they wanted £20-£40 to do this’

Ebay does not charge for any of its dispute resolution services!

I have had a few disputes and have resolved all of them through ebay successfully.

I have had negative feedbacks removed on 3 occasions through ebay resolution centre with no cost. Who said you would have to pay? Ebay or the seller trying to blackmail you?

  belfman 23:11 05 Jun 2008

Perhaps you'd have been better leaving none. Incidentally your situation cannot happen now as a seller cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer. He can leave a positive or nothing, of cours he could leave a positive with a bad comment in it.

  birdface 23:53 05 Jun 2008

Ok.I am going back 3 or 4 years and it happened exactly as I say.My problem is I am 100% Honest when it comes to things like this.And I suppose I expect the same in return.I was not amused with E-Bay for wanting payment to remove it.And to tell the truth I had bought a couple of things that were not as advertised.But to be fair the money was refunded on both occasions so you cannot give them a negative feedback.Ok I may have got it wrong if it was not E-bay it was whoever you appealed to to have the negative feedback removed.I assumed it would be e-bay but maybe someone representing them.Anyhow than you all for your interest and my apologies to belfman for hijacking his thread.

  belfman 08:17 06 Jun 2008

No apologies needed.

Now this payment I'm waiting on...obviously this guy must be afraid of his wife. I'll have to wait 4 more days to report him though? Is this right even though I stated pay within 2 days in the Terms?

  rickf 14:34 06 Jun 2008

Or just an excuse. He is having 2nd thoughts.

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