I've had several phone calls from Advance Support

  Armchair 10:03 16 Feb 2011

They tell me that my PC is clogged up with viruses and spyware, and if I switch on my PC and connect to the internet, they will be able to do something about it. Sounds like an Indian/Pakistani bloke on the other end. ANyone else getting these calls?

  Woolwell 10:09 16 Feb 2011

There have been a number of threads about these nuisance calls. They are a scam. Do not allow them to have access or pay any money. Several people have been caught as has been mentioned on this forum and on my local radio.

  Armchair 10:11 16 Feb 2011

Thanks, I'll have a search for other topics now. No way I'd give them access to anything. How did they get my telephone number, though?

  WhiteTruckMan 10:12 16 Feb 2011

that before they continue you must advise them that calls to this number are charged at £1.99 per minute and they must be over 18 or calling with the bill holders permission. Furthermore they should first answer some security questions, starting with the first line of their address, followed by their postcode.


  WhiteTruckMan 10:13 16 Feb 2011

and calls may be recorded for training purposes.


  Woolwell 10:15 16 Feb 2011

"How did they get my telephone number, though?" - How do most cold callers get your number? Mainly by a computer generated random number dialler.

  Armchair 10:25 16 Feb 2011

I've found a relevant topic

click here

I hope plenty of other people getting these calls see my topic here.

  Armchair 11:24 16 Feb 2011

I think that if they phone me again, I'll just tell them that I don't own a computer, and maybe they'll cross me off their list.

  bjh 11:41 16 Feb 2011

I have been inundated over the past few days, on different phone numbers too. I try to waste a little of their time as a deterrent to their industry... "I'll just go and get me mum" works well; I heard a weak "hello.. hello" from the abandoned phone several minutes later with one, thus saving some other poor soul from being pestered.
I used to be more experimental with cold callers, sometimes passing it over to my "wife" when she wasn't even there, and launching into a ham-acted argument... "you deal with it"..."you never ~~##@@ answer the phone you lazy.. I'll ...." and onwards to screaming abuse at my poor-absent wife (who is actually very good at answering the phone).

Long ago, I feigned a heart attack from the stress of running to the phone , but have never repeated that one, as they may believe it, note my number, and despatch some poor paramedic to help me!

(You can tell there's a Thespian trying to escape my tortured geeky mind)

Other than that, just put the phone down. Boring, but easy!

  JanetO 12:08 16 Feb 2011

I've had an East European twice in two weeks. Once last week and once today. He must have forgotten the flea in his ear I gave him before.

  AroundAgain 12:45 16 Feb 2011

I had two calls recently, saying I had problems on PC. I just acted really stupid (not difficult), maintained I didn't understand what he was saying, then 'why keep talking about my windows. How can you see they're dirty from there?'; 'Surfing? Not in this cold weather, besides, too old'. Was I the main user - yes. What did I do on PC? 'switched it on, switched it off'

After a bit of this, he clearly got fed up and he hung up

Next day, another call, same 'stupid' answers, told to go to switch pc on, so just put the phone to one side. End of ...

I listened to the Bob Servant series!! Brilliant

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