I've had a letter from the opticians

  WhiteTruckMan 00:10 24 Jun 2007

telling me that it has been just over two years since my last eye test, and advising me to make an appointment for another one. All well and good, but I havent been to this particular opticians in over 15 years. They give a specific date, and my correct name and address. Should I be worried that someone has had an eye test in my name-perhaps falsely declaring they were on benefits so getting free tests etc- or could they be on a fishing expedition touting for buisness? Its the naming a specific date that has set alarm bells ringing.


  wolfie3000 02:25 24 Jun 2007

Maybe a mistake on there computer system,

Give them a quick call to see whats happening.

  crosstrainer 07:37 24 Jun 2007

Weird this, but I had a similar letter to yours a couple of weeks ago, same as yours, correct name,address etc. Just binned it and never gave it a second thought until your post. Are we being paranoid?

  laurie53 07:47 24 Jun 2007

Far more likely that the optician which you last used has sold its address list, or been taken over.


  wee eddie 08:22 24 Jun 2007

I was going to leave the word "Spam" for you

  WhiteTruckMan 09:44 24 Jun 2007

but as yet I am undecided whether its worth the efort or not to pay them a visit for an explanation. For what its worth I do not for one minute think I would get any kind of satisfactory explanation by phone.

wee eddie-ordinarily I would agree. Its the inclusion of a specific date when I last had an eye test (according to them) that has me worried. as its a date over 2 years ago (and I didnt have an eye test anywhere around then anyhow no one will have any memory of it, like if it was actually done, what the person looked like etc.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:50 24 Jun 2007

Pay them a visit,
for your own peace of mind.

  Kate B 15:06 24 Jun 2007

Your name and address will be on their database; and it is indeed more than two years since your last test with them. It will be a form letter they've generated and sent out to everyone who hasn't been in for more than two years in an attempt to drum up some business. Simple, and not worth getting het up about, though you could phone them and ask them to take your name off the database and stop spamming you.

  laurie53 15:33 24 Jun 2007

Since, I understand, you have never used this company I believe that under the Data Protection Act you are able to ask where they got their information from.

If they have an accurate date for your last eye test then somebody has traded your personal data. Have you given permission for this?


  Legolas 15:48 24 Jun 2007

If they still have your name in their database after 15 years they need to do clearout me thinks

  WhiteTruckMan 18:46 24 Jun 2007

is the date (they say) of my last eye test. That says to me that someone -not me- took an eye test in my name. Thats the bit that worries me.

I think fruit bat has the answer. I will have to go see them in person, probably next saturday, and see what they have to say.


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