Ive got RATS in my garage! omg..

  Uboat 00:39 07 Oct 2010

Chaps ive got pigeons not many just 6 that are Thoroughbred birds they come from Great Stock and got them living at the back of my garage HOWEVER! ive got a garage with a small workshop at the back but ive recently (As in tonight)found out ive got RATS! i thought it was Squirrels but just been in too see my birds and NOT happy i saw a VERY thick long tail which was a rat! ive bought 500Ml of wheat laced with poison but for the last couple of days when i thought it was mice ive noticed the poison was gone!? but no dead rat??
Can anyone suggest a better more instant and hardcore way of getting RID of this PLEASE!!
I'm VERY desperate here..

  lotvic 00:56 07 Oct 2010

You need to contact the Council, some councils do it for free and others charge about £20
"Getting Rid Of Rats click here
If your home or gardens become infested with rats, contact your local authority’s environmental health department who will send out a pest control officer who will survey the scene, put down poison in appropriate locations and make follow up visits to ensure that the problem has been rectified. "

Also click here

  birdface 01:04 07 Oct 2010

The poison was gone so it has ate it and will take time to kill it.
Just keep replacing the poison until when you go into the garage and the same amount of poison is still where you left it.'Then you know that the rats have gone.
Just keep checking every now and then.

  birdface 01:07 07 Oct 2010

You can get rat poison from most do it yourself stores Wikinsons is about the cheapest.
But make sure that no children or pets can get at it.

  Uboat 01:14 07 Oct 2010

Wow thankx guys! im really not sure what is the best option? thanks for ur replies il keep coming in and out of this thread case i need too!

  lotvic 01:32 07 Oct 2010

Rats live in colonies, consisting of either a mated pair or one male and several females. They will breed throughout the year, producing on average eight young per litter.

That should cheer you up :(

  wiz-king 06:00 07 Oct 2010

Keep putting down the bait until it stops disappearing for a couple of days. It might take a week before you have killed them all. Then clear it away, wait a couple of weeks and try again - if the fresh bait is not touched then you have won.

  wiz-king 06:04 07 Oct 2010

All the poisons you can buy are not 'instant' they all require several doses to work an even then the effects are slow to work. So dont expect ratty to eat a grain and roll over with his paws in the air. Thats only happens in cartoons and with Acme poisons.

  KremmenUK 06:52 07 Oct 2010

I read only recently that rats have become quite clever. They apparently eat a small amount of anything new and wait a while.
If they don't feel any ill effects they will continue to eat.
I suppose these rat poison manufacturers know this and have developed in line so as above, it may take a while.

A colleague had a similar problem and found a better solution was the traps that let them in but not out. What he thought was only a rat or 2 ended up with him catching 14 before it finished.

Then try and find their entry point.........

  onthelimit 08:54 07 Oct 2010

just to cheer you up - when their bodies start to decompose, you'll smell them!

  birdface 09:03 07 Oct 2010

Like KremmenUK says try and find their entry point and block it up if you can.
If you think there may be a lot more I would contact the council and see what they can do.
Not exactly sure what pigeons eat but probably best kept in any sort of secure containers.

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