I've become an izzit

  Graham. 09:29 28 Mar 2008

My new all-England travel pass has arrived. So when you get on the bus, you have to ask the driver 'izzit 9:30 yet?'

  Al94 09:39 28 Mar 2008

Is that the same as a Twirly?

  Graham. 09:41 28 Mar 2008

In some parts.

  avesnes1 10:04 28 Mar 2008

Graham & Al94,
Thanks for the humour this morning - I've had a good belly-laugh and cheered me no end!

  laurie53 12:49 28 Mar 2008

Fancy having a time restriction on concessionary travel.

You English really do have some quaint old customs!

  lisa02 13:01 28 Mar 2008

Ours is "Izzit 1030 yet?"

From 1030 to 1530 Day Tickets are reduced by almost one third. OAPs get unrestricted free travel... I think.

  Jim Thing 13:19 28 Mar 2008

"OAPs get unrestricted free travel... I think."

Like me, you're in Northern Ireland I think? OAPs here get unrestricted free travel by bus or train throughout the whole island of Ireland, North and South.

  Graham. 13:25 28 Mar 2008

Senior Citizens, please. In England, 0930 to 2300 on weekdays, all day at weekends and Bank Holidays.

In South Yorkshire, it's 0900, any bus, tram and train.

  Al94 13:31 28 Mar 2008

Lis02, its for travel after 9.30am, return at any time for the discount.

  lisa02 13:33 28 Mar 2008

Yes Jim Thing I'm live in north Belfast, thanks for the confirmation of what Senior Citizens get.

  oresome 13:38 28 Mar 2008

Free bus travel is available to anyone over 60. OAP doesn't kick in for another 5 years for many.

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