ITV four minuet advertising

  Ex plorer 16:19 13 Mar 2013

Since the 4 minuet adverts have started on ITV my whole viewing of TV has changed. I had many programs I loved to watch but no longer do.

I watch 98% BBC now. When ITV has a top program on for me maybe a documentary I Play sudoku to pass through the 4 mins or listen to a sixties song or two on the laptop.

It cant be only me that’s turned against ITV and I am looking for a gadget that will cut in and out in in the 4 minuets or devise one.

I realise they sponsor the programs that are on but if I had the choice to have some kind of card fitted and pay a license fee instead of adverts for my favorite channels then that’s the way I would go.

Maybe its only me but I would rather pay for my entertainment without interruption.

I know its only 30 seconds longer than before but I reckon like many others I was programmed to it and used to it.

Sad when you think about it.

  TopCat® 13:40 14 Mar 2013

I think the American system of radio and TV advertising has now definitely gained a firm foothold here. Previously, adverts appeared at a decent period through a programme but know they cut in sometimes right in the middle of a dialogue sentence or action scene.

There used to be a regulation whereby adverts were allowed to appear for seven minutes in any one hour of screening. Now they interrupt for longer than this and are really spoiling things for the viewers.

I feel it is high time for some action from the regulator if they find their rules are being abused. There's definitely something wrong here in my opinion. TC.

  Ex plorer 15:19 14 Mar 2013

OK cheers I dont have a sky box or Sky, I see Sky boxes are free when joining sky for a monthly subscription.

Will a Sky box work in the same principle as suggested with out having to join Sky, I see Sky boxes on the market from around £50.00 upwards.

What other advantages are there to owning the box as well as recording and using for live TV viewing.

I take it records and plays simultaneously.

  Woolwell 15:24 14 Mar 2013

I don't think that you want a Sky box as its input is Sky. I think that you may want a PVR/DVD recorder as john bunyan has.

  fourm member 16:06 14 Mar 2013


I feel it is high time for some action from the regulator'

It is action from the regulator that has produced the longer ad breaks. Ofcom decides how much time to allow for adverts and, of course, the channels try and argue for longer breaks.

The channels can't beat the system. All adverts are recorded in databases (mostly for billing and resolving disputes about whether an ad aired at the booked time) and the channels have to keep log tapes for Ofcom to inspect in the event of a problem.

  john bunyan 16:07 14 Mar 2013

Ex plorer

Here is the type of thing. A bit expensive but you can record to HD or DVD or watch DVD's , or use it for time shift.(Or make a DVD copy whilst editing out the Ads!)

John Lewis - Panasonic

  TopCat® 16:23 14 Mar 2013

fourm member

Well now, I stand corrected! Obviously Ofcom aren't aware of the wave of consumer dissatisfaction over this trend that is rising in this country. I'd replace the lot of 'em! :) TC.

  fourm member 18:19 14 Mar 2013

Ofcom says;

'As would be expected, audience research demonstrates that viewers frequently see advertising as disruptive to their viewing.'

But it then goes on;

'However, when prompted, they also recognise its role in funding television content and that it can therefore have a value to them.'

The 'when prompted' suggests people can't think of a better way when faced with the problem of how to fund commercial TV.

I, for one, would not like to see subscription for ITV.

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