ITV four minuet advertising

  Ex plorer 16:19 13 Mar 2013

Since the 4 minuet adverts have started on ITV my whole viewing of TV has changed. I had many programs I loved to watch but no longer do.

I watch 98% BBC now. When ITV has a top program on for me maybe a documentary I Play sudoku to pass through the 4 mins or listen to a sixties song or two on the laptop.

It cant be only me that’s turned against ITV and I am looking for a gadget that will cut in and out in in the 4 minuets or devise one.

I realise they sponsor the programs that are on but if I had the choice to have some kind of card fitted and pay a license fee instead of adverts for my favorite channels then that’s the way I would go.

Maybe its only me but I would rather pay for my entertainment without interruption.

I know its only 30 seconds longer than before but I reckon like many others I was programmed to it and used to it.

Sad when you think about it.

  Kevscar1 16:28 13 Mar 2013

Simple if you have a sky box or virgin simply record the program the start watching after 12 minutes and you can fast forward through the ads and catch up for the last part

  QuizMan 16:48 13 Mar 2013

There are only so many cups of tea that one can make (and drink) during a programme. I suppose the business model must stand up, but it seems to me that advertisers are going to be less and less likely to pay top price for slots when more people follow the advice from Kevscar1 and record to watch later. It is certainly something that I do on a regular basis.

  oresome 16:51 13 Mar 2013

I usually either record ITV if BBC also has something I wish to view and then skip the adverts on playback, or chase play ITV 15 minutes into the programme.

At the very least, the sound is muted during adverts due to the increase in volume. (I've heard the argument that the peak sound level doesn't change, but the average level is ramped up)

  john bunyan 16:53 13 Mar 2013

I have two HD PVR / DVD recorders. As with the sky box, you can record the programme and start watching it say, 15 - 20 minutes after the start and (in the case of a Pioneer one "jump" the adverts ) or fast forward through them. I only have Freeview recorders (not HD equipped as is my TV) so have to forego watching ITV or Ch4 HD content if I wish to use this function.

  johnincrete 17:15 13 Mar 2013

ONLY 4 minutes!!! Try Greek TV. Last night I watched a popular channel for a programme that is billed as 9.00pm start. At 8.50 adverts start. 9.05 program starts. 9.10 adverts until 9.20. and so it goes on. And this in a country that does not drink tea!

  Woolwell 18:43 13 Mar 2013

johnincrete - But after so many glasses of Ouzo during the adverts perhaps they don't care.

  Aitchbee 19:08 13 Mar 2013

I've tried [for many years] to include the famous Morecombe & Wise joke ... "What's a grecian urn?" into a thread, so now I've done it.

Answer: "Ten bob-a-week!".

Normal service will now resume.

  Ex plorer 11:10 14 Mar 2013

We pay a lot of hard earned cash for TVs plus speaker systems today.

Just watching five hours of TV includes one hour of adverts.

I think its killing its self lets go back to the very old three minuets with less time per advert so they get to the point of whats on sale.

In Deal or no Deal not long ago Noel would say see you in three minuets but not any longer, its 4.

  Flak999 11:40 14 Mar 2013

As Kevscar1 states, the best way to avoid the ad breaks is to start recording the program you wish to see for about 12 mins then start watching your recording and use the time slip function of your PVR to skip the ad breaks!

  Forum Editor 13:16 14 Mar 2013

We use the Kevscar1 method wen we don't fancy watching the ads.

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