It's a wonderful world if you know where to look

  Forum Editor 08:12 26 Jun 2014
  wee eddie 08:20 26 Jun 2014

I may be jumping the gun, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Do I detect a 'new policy' of Editorial Involvement?

  Forum Editor 08:38 26 Jun 2014

wee eddie

I don't think so - what makes you say that?

  carver 08:47 26 Jun 2014

F.E we used to holiday a lot in that area when the kids were young and it's good to see that some of those places are being put to a new use.

  wee eddie 09:58 26 Jun 2014

FE: whilst you make the occasional posting during the average week, in the last couple of days, both you and SJ have been all over the place!

  wee eddie 09:58 26 Jun 2014

Pure coincidence, I feel sure

  Forum Editor 10:15 26 Jun 2014

wee eddie

You're making the common mistake of believing that because people don't post they aren't 'involved'.

I'm here every day, and so is Simon. If we both post on the same day then yes, it is pure coincidence.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:44 26 Jun 2014

Looks like there are "tiggers" in those caves, need to bounce like that.

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