It's simply the best...

  Aitchbee 22:34 15 Mar 2011

...better than all the rest.

I'm talking about the PC Advisor Website.

You all know that already.

That's All Folks!


  birdface 00:32 16 Mar 2011

Timed at 22:34 so I presume you have just fell in the door after being out at the local boozer.
If you are looking for a freebie from PCA you will need to do a bit more grovelling yet.
[better than all the rest.]
As I have not tried all the rest I cannot comment but I will agree it is the best one that I have used.
You also have to give credit to the FE who does a great job of overseeing the running of the PCA Website which makes it one of the best.
And of course the rest of the staff and helpers who make it possible.

  Aitchbee 10:13 16 Mar 2011

I ain't looking for any freebies.
I have made some contributions over the past 3 months or so. And have had some argy bargies all good-natured of course.Sometimes one has to 'wind-up' opponents to get the best out of them.I have been 'wounded-up' once or twice.

This makes this website alive and kicking.

I am going to the pub this afternoon to meet an old friend.

No doubt I will mention PCA. (I don't grovel)

  birdface 10:33 16 Mar 2011

[some argy bargies]
I see no point having argy bargies although I can join in when provoked enough.
No harm in being civil to one another and that is when the FE earns his pennies by taking control of the situation and keeping the forum running well.
Wish I could go to the pub for a drink.
Went to the pub about 2 years ago and had about 5 pints over the night and ended up in hospital in the early hours of the morning for about 8 days not being able to pass any water or other.
Not been to the pub since and apart from a bottle of cider at Xmas or new year that is my limit now.
I don't half miss my nights out and so does the wife she used to like the peace and quiet while I was out.
Hope you enjoy your afternoon out.

  Aitchbee 10:46 16 Mar 2011

I am going to a pub called the Old College Bar near Glasgow cross.My friend is coming up from England for a few days to see his mum.We usually meet there and have a few pints.
I hope you have a nice day as well

  birdface 11:10 16 Mar 2011

You will have to watch some of the customers of the pub then you know how they react to foreign accents.
I suppose you are going to tell me it is not raining up there today.
I used to drive around Glasgow doing a bit of shopping about 50 years ago and tried again about 8 years ago but kept getting lost on the one way systems so gave it up as a bad job.
Wish I was there with you I usually stay with friends in Dumbarton so maybe the next time I am up that way I will jump up on the train just to have another look around.
Sister in law stays in Carntyne so we go down to the Forge shopping center and the indoor market.
The wife always buys her hair brushes there and she is running short of them again so will probably be back there in the summer when the Sun has been known to come out.
Hope you enjoy your afternoon out or will it extend into the night.

  jakimo 11:18 16 Mar 2011

glad to hear that you are contributing to the economy with all that tax and duty your payng on your booze

  finerty 17:26 18 Mar 2011

I thought's you were talking a Tina Turner Song simply the best

  Aitchbee 17:46 18 Mar 2011

John Prescott is going to make a fool of himself at 00:48hrs BST.(early hours of sat morning)
Reading the shipping forecast.
This is a publicity stunt.(on his behalf)
He suggested it to the BBC.
Ok maybe it should come under Consumerlisten.
My original posting has disappeared.
Tell me if I'm wrong.
Jakimo - I'll drink to that. Got no choice.

  Aitchbee 18:50 18 Mar 2011

Glasgow Accents.

My wee brother is a London cabbie of 15yrs.(he is 50)(got a black cab. did the knowledge.

Sometimes he gets troublemakers.

His Glasgow accent always reassures them.

  dagbladet 19:43 18 Mar 2011

"Tell me if I'm wrong"

You're wrong. He joked about it on twitter. The BBC then invited him to do it. It will be pre-recorded shortly before transmission.

"John Prescott is going to make a fool of himself at 00:48hrs BST"

If he does, he can take comfort that some do it on this very forum on an almost daily basis.

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