"It's really easy to do this"???

  Sapins 17:10 07 Dec 2005

The trouble with this type of post is that the poster has already done it so it is easy for them.

I am getting so frustrated with trying to "Easily" install a router/modem and a USB adapter on a second system. Does no one ever get stuck the first time they do something which is "Easy" to do?

  ade.h 17:23 07 Dec 2005

Yes! Almost always when it comes to anything that is networked in some way!

You're not alone Sapins.

  justme 18:44 07 Dec 2005

Anything is easy if you know how to do it.

I too have often struggled with a problem only to realise just how easy it is when someone told me what to do.

I count it as part of the learning process and then feel superior when someone else is having the same problem and I can tell them what to do. It's all part of life really.

  PUNKA 21:20 07 Dec 2005

7.30 ,Last Friday evening Wireless network next door neighbours house.Be back in about thirty minutes dear,10.30 FINALLY UP AND WORKING.
no sapins we are not alone,and the world would be a sad place if everything was so simple ;)

  SG Atlantis® 08:55 08 Dec 2005

Follow the instructions, easy peasey.

It's only easy when you know how!

And how do you know? you just ask.

  Chegs ®™ 11:29 08 Dec 2005

That was a short visit. :-)

I was asked to setup WPA encryption by a friend."Oh,thats easy,be over later"(10:00am)Only ended up rebuilding the PC,adding DVD-RW,recreating the network(limited/no connectivity)phoning the owner on her mobile to ask the passwords to access her XP+Router cfg(she had "popped" to the shop,negating to tell me she has setup password entry to XP)and finally got it all sorted just before midnite. :-)

  Dan the Doctus 13:44 08 Dec 2005

I tried connecting a couple of machines recently using a 'Trust Easy File Transfer Cable'. All I had to do was run the software and plug it in, apparently. It proved to be rather less than easy. I think it's the best way to learn, though.

  DieSse 15:48 08 Dec 2005

Everything is relative.

*It's really easy to do this* really means a person with a modicum of common sense is going to able to manage it (IMHO). That doesn't necessarily mean that doing it for the first time is going to take 5 mins, or that some further instruction won't be required.

As opposed to - *It's really difficult without years of training*

It's meant as encouragement to the less experienced, surely.

  wallbash 16:33 08 Dec 2005


It's meant as encouragement to the less experienced, surely

That's right, if we said that the task was horrendous, no one would ever try anything. But if we say its easy/simple it would appear that we would be more than willing to offer more ( clearer) Help

  Chegs ®™ 17:41 08 Dec 2005

*It's really easy to do this* really means a person with a modicum of common sense is going to able to manage it (IMHO).

Except,frequently the instructions are in "jap-lish" (mixture of poor english,and reversing the instructions layout starting with the completed item and working towards a heap of bits)

Not including all the components needed is another problem frequently encountered,including a checklist of needed components to reference from. :-)

  wiz-king 06:57 09 Dec 2005

"Does no one ever get stuck the first time they do something which is "Easy" to do?"

You didn't get the "suitable for a child 7-10 years" version! I find that at my age (mid 50's) that is all I can cope with! But things are getting easier, I was dreading getting a new TV this year as it took me over an hour to set up the last one to talk to my VCR and Digi-box, but what joy, it did it all automatically.
So if you wait a few years networking will become easy --- ha ha!

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