It's not all doom and gloom, there's good news too

  Forum Editor 19:31 23 Oct 2009

Common-sense has prevailed in the phone charger business.

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  octal 20:15 23 Oct 2009

Lets hope this finds its way into other appliances as well. One of the problems at work we are constantly getting are the chargers getting mix up on weighing scales from two different manufacturers, the staff mix them up and they keep popping the fuses.

  Forum Editor 23:38 23 Oct 2009

is to be able to travel with a single, small footprint charger that will cope with my phone, camera, laptop and PDA.

  Brumas 23:40 23 Oct 2009

I suspect your nightmare would be to lose it!

  morddwyd 06:58 24 Oct 2009

Induction charging is on the horizon!

  Forum Editor 08:07 24 Oct 2009

Which is where it will remain for a long time.

  oresome 11:22 24 Oct 2009

I think the best example of using a common design between different manufacturers is the desktop PC itself. The design has lasted a remarkable length of time since IBM first introduced it, especially considering the rate of progress in the industry.

I suppose the downside is that it can stifle innovation. Once the universal charger becomes widely accepted for example, it will be difficult for a manufacturer to introduce a new battery that requires a different charger, even if it exhibits many advantages over existing products.

  WhiteTruckMan 11:44 24 Oct 2009

My electric toothbrush uses induction charging. I simply drop it onto its holder an it charges using no contacts whatsoever.

It doesnt take a great leap of the imagination to visualise a universal charging area, say a pad the size of a mouse mat, that you simply place (small) items on to charge, eg phone, mp3 player, shaver, torch, tv remote, cordless mouse (now theres an idea! a wired mouse mat! dont forget you heard it here first), bluetooth headset - the list just goes on.


  wiz-king 12:24 24 Oct 2009

Now -- could they make a standard power supply so that all my computer peripherals can plug into without having to have 8 mains adaptors/power blocks. Just a decision on what voltage would do, if everything ran on 5 volts I could build a 5V 10A supply but its a pain to have to build a 5V, 12V, 20V supply and then sort out the various plugs and leads.
I don't mind haveing one 13A plug for the UPS with the PC, Monitor and modem, another for the laser printer but it's the other 6 plugs that bug me, especially the ones that are too big to put side by side in one socket so I cant get at the switch!

  morddwyd 19:05 24 Oct 2009

"Which is where it will remain for a long time."

Perhaps, perhaps not

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