It's a good year for the weeds,

  Quickbeam 10:38 15 Jul 2012

but terrible for the roses, which are are doing nothing.

My roses are rotting before full bloom is achieved and suffering from terrible mildew. On the other hand, it's a bumper year for weeds! The only good thing about the constant rain is that they pull out by the roots easily.

Roll on the dry winter season...

  Forum Editor 10:42 15 Jul 2012

Some of my roses are having a bonanza year, but others are struggling; it's obviously related to variety. I agree with you about weeds, they're flourishing as never before, especially that sticky one one with long, wandering stems.

  Quickbeam 10:48 15 Jul 2012

If you mean the Triffid variety, I'd keep the windows shut if I were you!

  QuizMan 11:09 15 Jul 2012

I certainly agree about the weeds. I am amazed at how the slugs and snails ignore them and head straight for my vegetables. I lost another 2 dwarf bean plants overnight - chewed off at the base. I have tried all the usual organic controls, but nothing seems to work better than a slug pellet, loathe as I am to use them.

  Miké 12:13 15 Jul 2012

"What a good year for the roses Many blooms still linger there The lawn could stand another mowin Funny I don't even care As you turn to walk away As the door behind you closes The only thing I have to say Its been a good year for the roses"


  hssutton 12:17 15 Jul 2012

My roses are doing very well, although like the rest of Britain very wet we have missed most of the heavy rain.

On another front my budlias are looking bloomin' marvelous, unfortunately I've only seen and photographed just the one butterfly, a Red Admiral. I have several budlias in my garden, planted for the sole reason of attracting butterflies.

  Condom 15:44 15 Jul 2012

I used to dread the "stickie Willie" when out walking the dog. My Gordon Setter just seemed to make a bee-line for it and it took ages to brush it out of his coat. Unfortunately he also introduced it to the garden but I finally got rid of it.

  Forum Editor 17:57 15 Jul 2012

fourm member

Thank you - I suspected you would know. I hate the stuff, it has worked its way all through some huge heather plants, and it's the devil to get out.

  Aitchbee 22:19 15 Jul 2012

...some of my big plants (in pots) get invaded (with weeds)...I just repot 'em. Bark is another way of reducing weed-spread.

  Aitchbee 23:01 15 Jul 2012

My friend lives opposite a 'jungle' of yellow-coloured weed plants (about 30m x 10m in area).It is a(n) [empty] plot of land, adjacent and parallel to about 15 expansive gardens. The seeds of these weeds will have no prob in taking over...when the wind blows :o(

...I've relocated my potted apple tree (no apples yet) 1 up...the wind is a factor to's tied down weeds.

  Graham* 23:05 15 Jul 2012

I suddenly found my only rose crawling with caterpillars. I sprayed but it is still looking rather sad.

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