It's Getting Desperate for Dan

  oresome 17:18 16 Aug 2012

Cow pies are coming off the menu at the end of the year due to declining least for the printed edition of the Dandy.

It's many years since I used to read about the exploits of Korky the Cat and Beryl the Peril but I feel quite sad.

  interzone55 17:26 16 Aug 2012

Sales peaked at 2m, now less than 7,500.

I'm amazed they're still printing it

  Aitchbee 17:41 16 Aug 2012

My local charity shop has piles of 'comic annuals', The Dandy, The Broons & Oor Wullie stacked in the corner...I wonder if Desperate Dan had a mobile phone in the 1981 edition?

  Condom 18:25 16 Aug 2012

Yes all very sad but perhaps it is it all down to the Dandy itself? Its sister paper the Beano is getting a circulation many times larger than the Dandy so perhaps it is the content that counts.

The Broons & Oor Wullie are different in that they are part of a Sunday newspaper and don't have their own weekly comic but rely on an annual which is now usually a bi-annual with each taking a turn. Both are still regular stocking fillers in my house and can still be obtained locally in England despite being very Scottish.

I have no idea how to save the Dandy apart from looking at the content as surely it should be able to reach the same clientel as the Beano

  Aitchbee 20:52 16 Aug 2012

I know it's nothing to laugh about, but ... a classic TV comedy moment!

  Aitchbee 21:46 16 Aug 2012

When I was 7, my week's pocket money( 1/- )would invariably be invested in Friday/Saturday's edition of 'The Topper'; I could never digest the contents(fully), but the self-assemble balsa-wood aeroplane or other smashing toy, justified the extravagance...HEE HEE.

  Bing.alau 22:27 16 Aug 2012

I remember buying the very first Dandy, I think it cost two pence in old money, (same price as a Mars bar). If I knew then what I know now I would have placed it safely in a plastic bag, if we'd had them then and put it in the attic until now. I bet they are worth a lot of money now. Should have made my eldest lad keep that James Bond car too, the one with the revolving number plate and the bullet proof shield at the back etc. Come to think of it I bought him and my other lad lots of those type of things that would have been nice to still have. But I did find a "Mamod" steam engine in the attic a couple of months ago when I emptied it out. Checked the price of them on t'net and found that even the logging trailer attached to the back of it was priced at £170.00 plus. So the total was between £300.00 and £400.00 Cleaned the steam engine up and got it going fine. When my lad saw it he said he wanted it so he could display it in his house. I said he couldn't have it because he never looked after it when he did have it. (might give it back to him sometime I suppose but for now it's mine).

Now what did I do with that first Dandy and the whistle that came with it?

  woodchip 22:52 16 Aug 2012

Bing.alau To fetch that kind of money they have to be like new including the box, which can be worth more that the item inside it

  Quickbeam 09:01 17 Aug 2012

I used to regularly take the Beano, Dandy, Topper, Beezer, Eagle and Look & Learn in the '60s, but I would think that tastes have just changed, to day's kids have access to technology that would never have dreamed of in the '60s.

With the internet and social networking they communicate on a more advanced level than the old cartoon comics did, there is just no place for the simple things anymore, let them fade away gracefully. I wouldn't have bothered with them in the '60s if we had the internet then.

  woodchip 11:01 17 Aug 2012

Comic Cuts in my Day, then Eagle. used to borrow Dandy and Beano

  woodchip 11:07 17 Aug 2012

1890 Comic Cuts launched by Harmsworth (closed 1953). Heralds boom in comics aimed at adults History of Magazines

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