It's Daddy Long Legs night

  Forum Editor 01:30 01 Jul 2007

in my part of London.

Is it me, or is there usually one night in the year that Crane flies suddenly appear? Ever since I've been involved in working fairly late at night I seem to experience a sudden invasion of these insects on one particular evening each summer - usually on a night that is - like tonight - warm and damp. There are three of them currently flitting around my office. I don't find them a nuisance, but my wife's not keen, especially if they make it into the bedroom - she's convinced that one is going to land on her face in the night.

I remember being on Hampstead Heath one summer evening many years ago and seeing hundreds of these creatures emerging from the ground, where presumably they spend their larval stage.

Has anyone else seen them this evening, or have I been singled out for special treatment by Crane-fly Central Control?

  rdave13 01:45 01 Jul 2007

None here in Gwynedd. Most probably drowned in the larvae stage. August and early September we usually get a lot of them. Late September and the "big" spiders come out, last year the little 'un was amazed that a spider could run so fast.

  Nibblerman 02:00 01 Jul 2007

theres a few up here in yorkshire,as a kid i was cruel & i used to pull the legs off them & let them fly away..i think theyll get there own back on me when i die..

  robgf 02:00 01 Jul 2007

None here in Northants at the moment, although I have seen a few flitting about this month. They usually appear with a vengeance around the start of August.
I suppose they come in groups, because a female lays a batch of eggs in a nearby lawn and they all hatch together.
The larvae stage is the leatherjackets, those large brown maggots you sometimes see on the lawn.

Tell your wife that it's not the Crane flies that should be worrying her, it's the moths. Dad had one crawl in his ear a few years ago, while he was asleep.
Mum said she couldn't help for laughing, as he ran around yelling there's something in my ear.

  wolfie3000 02:31 01 Jul 2007

"she's convinced that one is going to land on her face in the night."

Reminds me of an interesting fact,

On average a person swallows 8 insects a year while asleep,

Something to think about.

As for crane flies, i aint seen none yet and i always have my windows open at night.

  Guardianangel 09:00 01 Jul 2007

None here yet in the north.

  User-1159794 09:22 01 Jul 2007

'On average a person swallows 8 insects a year while asleep'

Oh wait till I tell the better half that one.

  postie24 09:51 01 Jul 2007

None here in essex,but its probably due to the fact they would need a canoe to get about in with all this rain :))

  Forum Editor 10:36 01 Jul 2007

There's always one flying ant day in my garden. It usually seems to happen late in the afternoon, and I've noticed it's always when the weather is hot and sultry - that 'just before a storm' atmosphere.

  Kate B 11:48 01 Jul 2007

None in west London last night - I expect they drowned in the rain getting here. Just as well - the cat goes bananas trying to catch them, regardless of the hour.

  Forum Editor 12:03 01 Jul 2007

Just as well - there are dozens of them lying on the surface this morning.

I've discovered that they don't normally emerge until late in the summer, so my batch has obviously got its timing wrong.

I blame global warming.

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