Its cows not 4x4's that cause GW

  lofty29 10:57 01 Oct 2008

I see that the climate food network resaech org; has suggested that meat and dairy products should be rationed, since food animals are a major factor in GW, funnily enough the author is a veggie, one wonders what the report would have said if it had been given to someone of another persuation, I know I tend to be cynical but so much of our taxpayers money seems to be handed out to biased people. On a lighter note if herbivores are to blame then ergo all veggie's and vegan are herbivores, therefore they must be a major factor themselves in GW, so stop blaming the chelsea tractors

  canarieslover 12:09 01 Oct 2008

I may not be a food animal, except when it comes to eating, but a good Indian curry does make me contribute to GW. Perhaps they should ban Indian restaurants as well.

  spuds 12:15 01 Oct 2008

Personally, I think that everyone should be exterminated at birth. It would save all this scare mongering about 'what is,why or should be' ;o))

  David4637 12:55 01 Oct 2008

Increase taxes for cars (even more for gas guzzlers) thats the only way you are going to reduce GW. We are wreaking this earth - need tougher green government.

  Seth Haniel 13:41 01 Oct 2008

you mean you believe the hype pumped out to you ....... sheeesh


  lofty29 15:13 01 Oct 2008

I always get suspicious when governments say that we are increasing taxes on xyz in order to:-make you healthier, save the planet, etc, etc,
not we are increasing taxes because we want to,or have spent to much of your money. Dont forget that governments love exersizing control, and will use any excuse to increase that level of control, and also use any excuse to take more money from us, they will also influence the media in any way they can in order to make their agenda the most popular one, or the most frightening one for the citizens.

  Forum Editor 16:33 01 Oct 2008

and other vehicles are damaging the planet had better spend some time examining the facts.

Herbivores undoubtedly make a major contribution to greenhouse gas, but then they've been doing it for millions of years - I hardly think we can resolve the problem of global warming simply by rationing meat and dairy products. File the suggestion under 'loopy ideas'.

  laurie53 20:14 01 Oct 2008

Is "loopy" a PC term?

  Stuartli 20:35 01 Oct 2008


click here

for details of herbivores' contribution to climate change.

  €dstowe 21:52 01 Oct 2008

Few seem to associate the methane generated by herbivores as being the same gas being extracted from the earth at enormous expense.

Why isn't there a government scheme to attach a gas cooker to each cow or have a load of cows linked together in parallel feeding their rear-end output to a gas fired power station?

  €dstowe 21:53 01 Oct 2008

Note, not a serious suggestion above.

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