Its Countdown to Longhorn Beta!

  MeV1 20:15 02 Nov 2004

Longhorn now has an official beta date as confirmed by steve ballmer !
(click here) longhorn is due to go beta on 16th Feb 2005!

RTM is due out May 2006.

At last!



  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:19 02 Nov 2004

Excuse me if I do not faint.


  MeV1 20:27 02 Nov 2004

lol yeah, we have waited long enough!

Its about time something happened.

  spuds 20:45 02 Nov 2004

Methinks 2007 ;o)

  MeV1 20:59 02 Nov 2004

Nah, if they say May 2006 that usualy means September!


Its not that I dont have faith in Microsoft for perdicting release dates, its just I dont have faith in the coders that are coding the thing to finnish on time! Ive seen photos of the Server 2003 development 'lab' and its just a bunch of guys sat infront of Dell workstations with a cheesburger in one hand an a mouse in the other!

I will try and find them again and post the links.


  Mozarella 21:14 02 Nov 2004

If I`m still around I`ll use PCA`s tape. Might come out in 2010as freeware!

  Mozarella 21:15 02 Nov 2004

Did I say tape? Meant CD

  CurlyWhirly 22:04 02 Nov 2004

Doh! I have only just got used to XP and another operating system is just round the corner!

  Forum Editor 00:01 03 Nov 2004

Oh no it's not.

To all intents and purposes you can forget about Longhorn for a long time to come. Even if the planned release date doesn't slip - and it will - the spring of 2006 is a long way off, and in any case Longhorn is more likely to become Shorthorn by the time it hits the shops. I personally doubt that it will have the full set of features originally planned. I'm going to be beta testing the software, and I look forward to an interesting year or so.

  CurlyWhirly 00:29 03 Nov 2004

I am very happy with XP as it is very stable in operation and anyway I have read that Longhorn (when released) will need a fast 64 bit processor and LOADS of RAM so I couldn't run it anyway with my AMD Athlon XP3000+ and 1 Gb RAM!

  RJM182 00:55 03 Nov 2004

Is it true that the new OS will only support 64bit configurations? That's just stupid! Surely they'll make it work with either, then it might sell more copies!

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