Its the bin for the chip!

  peter99co 16:17 16 Jun 2008

Microchip bins project rubbished

click here

  jakimo 16:23 16 Jun 2008

My local council has just announced that if a council operative cannot move a wheelie bin with just two fingers it will not be emptied.

My reply is with the same two fingers.

  johndrew 16:31 16 Jun 2008

Was a time when dustmen (now `operatives`) were big burly guys who would lift a galvanised dustbin (or possibly two) up onto their shoulders and tip them into the dustcart.

Since `elf & safety came in along with all the other modern aids it looks as if they should consider wearing something other than leather waistcoats and big boots - perhaps tutus and ballet shoes :-))

  peter99co 16:32 16 Jun 2008

You cannot be serious! Which woodentop group do they represent?

  birdface 16:52 16 Jun 2008

When i was a young lad.[yawn]I worked with the council emptying rubbish bins,They were the metal ones with the sharp ring around the bottom.In the summer time with all the garden waste in them they were extremely heavy and used to cut into your shoulder.But you got used to it after a while and never had any time off with bad backs or anything like that.We put our bin out about 6 weeks ago.[We put it out overnight.] and someone had put a plastic bottle in it .So they would not empty it.By the time they had put a warning notice on the bin.they would have been quicker just putting the bottle in the other bin.i think they are a bit pampered nowadays.I wonder how many would still work there if they brought the metal ones back.Not a lot.

  peter99co 17:31 16 Jun 2008

Maybe some of the suspended tanker drivers would like a change of employment.

  mrwoowoo 20:16 16 Jun 2008

Even if they created an accurate and reliable system there would be nothing to prevent people sneaking around at night and putting their rubbish into their neighbours bins.
Anything to save a few quid.

  wellshgit 20:56 16 Jun 2008

We dont have bins here, the council give us black bags which we have to put ouside on collection day. If there are any split bags they leave the spillage there. Too much work for them to pick it up I suppose, too tired from lifting all the heavy bags!

  Chegs ®™ 00:38 17 Jun 2008

If there are any split bags they leave the spillage there.

Were that to happen here,the streets would be even more littered than they presently are because (being on the coast) we have seagulls in abundance that spend their time splitting open bags.

  carver 16:48 17 Jun 2008

Look here

click here

  peter99co 17:27 17 Jun 2008

That is the trouble with all this health and safety Rubbish and when it is adopted by Rubbish councils it is time to write to the local Rubbish MP and tell them they had better sort out these Rubbish officials before they need the public to VOTE for them again. These kind of idiots should never get into office in the first place and I would not think it will be to long before they find we are sick of this kind of stupid officious madness. They must think they are in office to make people feel small and insignificant. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. It might be a good thing to find out who creates this H & S rubbish info and sack them for incompetance. Tell the councils the bin was designed to carry to much in the first place and see what they say to that. And then demand they empty it once a week.

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