Italy Beat France? Italy?

  morddwyd 08:38 13 Mar 2011

How are the mighty fallen!

And while we're on the subject, as a born and bred Welsh rugby player I've always regarded the rules as a minor impediment to a good game, but that try was blatant cheating of the worst and most commercial sort.

Even at this stage it should be disallowed.

I know many will say it doesn't matter which ball is used, but if they'd had to retrieve the "in play" ball they wouldn't have succeeded with the quick line out and subsequent score.

It is precisely this sort of scenario that the "same ball" rule was brought in to avoid, and the officials ignored it, even though the players drew their attention to it.

  Quickbeam 09:14 13 Mar 2011

It was only a matter of time before the Eyeties beat a top team.

But what will Scotland do now they can't rely on them for winning all the wooden spoons?!

  gengiscant 09:48 13 Mar 2011

If that was the best that Wales could play against the Italians,then they deserved to lose.

  bremner 09:53 13 Mar 2011

Wales played Ireland not Italy, who played France.

  bremner 09:54 13 Mar 2011

Sorry - very odd cut and paste of your name

  jakimo 10:22 13 Mar 2011

You obviously did not watch the Wales or Italy games...

Wales beat Ireland by 19-13

Italy beat France 22-21,

And morddwyds comment was about Wales scoring the final try with a ball that had not been in previous play.

  Quickbeam 10:45 13 Mar 2011

No Scots biting yet...?

  SimpleSimon1 10:55 13 Mar 2011

"...but that try was blatant cheating of the worst and most commercial sort."

And, of course, we get the good old "Sorry, I didn't see it so I can't comment" in the post-match interview with Hook - and, all the while, he's smirking his head off!

Mind you, given that shocking failure to score by Ireland on the last play of the match...

  SimpleSimon1 11:18 13 Mar 2011

"...As it was a try was absolutely no use to Ireland unless it could be converted. It was trying to get closer to the posts that cost them."

Fair comment but cutting back inside was still the wrong move. From what I remember, if they moved it outside, the Irish player had enoguh space to cross the line and bring it back infield before touching done.

As an armchair observer, that was so obviously the only sensible thing to do :-)

"..This afternoon, unless England run up 100 points, I shall be upset at their failings."

I'd like to think so but the Scots generally raise their game against the English so it might be a close run thing.

Anyway, roll on the 19th. We're going over to Marseilles to meet up with a couple of friends who work there. He's English, She's Scots, He's bringing some of his French and Italian work colleagues and a couple of her Irish friends are coming over, as well. It's going to be a fun day in front of the TV and we've all been instructed to bring 'national drinks'....oh god, watching rugby whilst drinking French Brandy, Italian Grappa, Scotch Whisky, English Gin and Irish Potcheen...I feel a headache coming on!

  Quickbeam 11:57 13 Mar 2011

Never underestimate the passion and the will of both teams to win of a Calcutta Cup game.

I didn't get tickets this year, it's one of my cut backs, but I now wish I'd thought the hell with it and bought one! The Scots see it as their (mistaken) patriotic duty to deny England a grand slam chance.

  MAJ 12:27 13 Mar 2011

I suspect very few of us (bar any French members) were sorry to see the Italians beating the French yesterday. It was a great game and I noticed something, there was a certain point, and it was very apparent, that the Italians went 'on tilt' (a poker term)and threw caution to the wind. In most cases going on tilt is a bad thing but in yesterday's game it worked and gave the Italians a well deserved win.

As for the Wales Ireland game, yes it was an illegal Welsh try, but the ref's decision is final and that's that. It too was a good game and as an Irish supporter I was happy to see that Ireland has managed to cut out a lot of the unforced errors that have marred their games in the recent past. Now if we could get Sexton to consistently kick a few goals and conversions, we might have won yesterday's game. It was very obvious, as has been said above, that the reason for the last missed try was a desire to narrow the angle for Sexton. Not a great vote of confidence from his teammates, in my opinion. Well done Wales.

England v Scotland today? I can't wait, I think (hope, really) Scotland will surprise England, although I can't help thinking England will still win, they're playing very well this year.

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