Italians do it better

  Curio 19:01 30 May 2008

Definitely a delicate touch
click here

  Forum Editor 19:20 30 May 2008

I could do that. Maybe.

  Curio 19:32 30 May 2008

Hidden talents for a Computer buff :o)

  Quickbeam 20:10 30 May 2008

would you trust the JCB operator from the site over the road to do it...?

  Forum Editor 22:53 30 May 2008

I think it was wishful thinking on my part - me and machines like that are best kept apart, I feel.

  charmingman 23:00 30 May 2008

I would like to of had ago with my TEETH....

Wish the video lasted another minute could of beer right

that was a good 3 minutes......good thread "Curio"

  Brumas 23:01 30 May 2008

I bet that Italian wins everytime he has a turn on one of those machines generally found in seaside arcades.
The type where you put a coin in a slot and then manipulate handles and wheels to raise and lower a mechanical grabber only to lose it it at the last minute as it drops off!

  Kev.Ifty 00:01 31 May 2008

He has a whole room full of soft toys no doubt.

Here is a similar thing on a bigger scale.. Skill wise I mean. click here I can translate the Japanese for you, he is saying "Those bloody Italians ain't going to beat us..." lol

If you can stay awake for the first 5 Min's. I guarantee you will be pulling your hair out and bitting your nails for the last 5.

Stick with it it is amusing, honest. :-)

  Quickbeam 08:32 31 May 2008

another New York crane crashed yesterday click here

  Cymro. 12:20 31 May 2008

I wonder what the situation is re. insurance on a show like this it if it ever goes wrong and someone sues them for damages.

Anyway I was always lead to believe that Italians were cowards but the young lady in the clip is very gutsy.

  Forum Editor 12:31 31 May 2008

New York and cranes is a heady mix. On one trip I took my wife along, and we were walking to Central park one freezing morning when we saw a team of steel delivery men hoisting enormous steel girders into a 20 storey building. They were using the biggest mobile telescopic crane I've ever seen, and my wife was fascinated.

We had been watching for ten minutes when one of the team shouted down to my wife 'Wanna try, honey?' and waved a pair of big yellow gloves at her. A minute later she was up on the crane's control panel and with help from her new friend she brought the thing down from ten stories up, ready for the next lift.

Images of the team trying to explain a demolition job to the insurance company flashed before my eyes, but no harm was done - my wife still tells the story to anyone who will listen.

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