Italian Football

  Les T 19:18 04 Feb 2007

My condolenses go to the family and friends of the police officer who was killed during the riots at the Catania V Palermo football game on Friday night.

Italian football must surely now face severe consequences from UEFA, just think if this had happened at a football game in the UK, then no British teams would have been allowed to compete in any European competitions.
I wait to see if UEFA have the guts to take on the Italian FA.

  kev d 21:07 04 Feb 2007

I too add my condolenses.

Les T it sounds like you are referring to Heysel when the English Teams were banned en masse after the Liverpool v Juventus tragedy. UEFA's decision then was wrong and in my view based on bias rather than justice. However I do not want a blanket ban on Italian clubs because it will serve no point.
UEFA are usually useless in most areas of "justice" (their 'Fair Play' campaign is a joke in my opinion) but I cannot see what they can do regarding the tragic circumstances in Italy. Let's hope the culprits are found by the authorities (i.e. Police) and are suitable punished.

  Belatucadrus 15:25 05 Feb 2007

Italian football has been a disaster area for years, match fixing, intimidation of officials when they don't play along, rampant crowd violence. The figures I heard on the radio were sixteen football violence related deaths in the last year with attendance figures plummeting because families are afraid to go any longer. It's unfortunate that it's taken the murder of Filippo Raciti to get the authorities to finally act.

  Jak_1 20:40 05 Feb 2007

UEFA have always been quick to act against England but only act when pushed against mainland European countries ie Spain with the monkey chants, and nonexistant against Italy! FIFA need to take action in this case, it is far to serious for UEFA to be trusted to deal with. Expulsion from the next two world Cups and expulsion from all european competitions for five years would be a good start!

  Les T 21:11 05 Feb 2007

I totaaly agree that either UEFA or indeed FIFA need to take action against Italian clubs. I am not anti-Italian or anything like that, i just think that some clubs/federations are treated more favouably than others. For example Heysel, or from a more personal point of view when my club (Rangers) were threatened with European explusion for some of the songs that Rangers fan's sing (I am not for one second condoning the singing of these songs). It has been highlighted above that there has been an extrodinary amount of football related deaths in Italian football, surely this alone must make the relevant authorities take a closer look at how the whole system is run in Italy (it is after all, only a game).

  Belatucadrus 21:52 05 Feb 2007

For some idea as to how the problem got so bad, check out the response from Antonio Matarrese, the president of Italy's Professional Football League Clubs association.

"Deaths unfortunately form part of this huge movement which is football and which the forces of order are not always able to control. Football should never be stopped. It's the number one rule: football is the industry."

Clearly a man with strange priorities, where fans murdering each other isn't a significant problem. Probably yearns for the good old days in the Colosseum.

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  Ranger 23:00 06 Feb 2007

I remember a few years back when Rangers were playing a italian team, Parma I think it was, my mate was there and he was telling me that not only were they getting pelted by assorted items from the stand above them but a scooter was thrown down at them, I mean how do you get a scooter into a game, one for me and one for my scooter please?

UEFA do seem to have different views for different countries, it seems to be the more civilised the fans are the more you will get punished if you do misbehave, but if you have always been notorious then that's okay as long as you don't get worse

  squillary 05:15 07 Feb 2007

Please read this

"More than words needed to halt hooligans" click here

The fact that clubs have been allowed to operate unsafe stadia without any action speaks volumes in my opinion.

Even more worrying:

"Italian football may make return" click here

  Fred the flour grader 21:30 07 Feb 2007

Ranger, you are spot on there. A few years ago Newcastle played Inter at the San Siro in the champions league. One of my pals went and they were put in the lower tier at one end of the ground. My mate said he had never seen anything like it, bottles, cans, chairs, advertising hoardings, knives, bricks and to top it all loads of Italian scum, stood and urinated on the Newcastle fans below. When the Newcastle fans complained to the police, they were met with a swift smack with a baton.
No mention of this was ever mentioned in any fifa or uefa report. If that sort of thing had of happened in this country, the home club would of been banned for ten years.

  kev d 22:20 07 Feb 2007

clubs harder than others? I have my opinions on this but I would like to see what others think.
Another question on a similar thread (i.e. UEFA incompetence or bias):How on earth did the Spanish coach get let off with the charges of racism?

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