Italian chocolate tycoon killed

  Al94 20:50 18 Apr 2011
  Quickbeam 20:54 18 Apr 2011

Not to be confused with a chocolate macaroon.

  Bingalau 20:57 18 Apr 2011

I don't know why? But this thread has just sent me running to the fridge for one of those rocher thingies... I shall now have a glass of sherry to wash it down and then I am off to bed as I am naquered with a capital "K" Too much travelling today for an old geezer like me, but the chocolate has put a little bit of zest in to me. G'nite all...

  spuds 10:45 19 Apr 2011

Most chocolate companies are no longer owned by their originators. Look what Kraft as done to Cadbury?.

Even Nestles have their fingers in many other different business ventures. And who remembers the original Fry's ?.

  Quickbeam 11:01 19 Apr 2011

Fry-ed Mars bars are doing well in Scotland...

  muddypaws 13:50 19 Apr 2011

Bingalau. Thought it a bit strange that you were going to bed at 8.57 this morning, then realised they haven't sorted the time thing out yet. Hopefully soon. Seems obvious to me.

  Bingalau 14:34 19 Apr 2011

Yes, we need the 24hr clock.

  Aitchbee 21:47 19 Apr 2011

Hello Al94 - a slight rearrangment of your topic (no pun intended) might have caused a stir. Italian chocolate killed tycoon.

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