"IT would be a really good idea if......"

  May$ 15:57 28 Sep 2004

What are other members thoughts on

"IT would be really idea good if there was a......"

The reason I ask is because 90% of the time I wonder it, something actually exists!

You never know!!!

  watchful 17:59 28 Sep 2004

Don't quite understand the question.

  picklsey 18:10 28 Sep 2004

could you explain what your on about.my appologies if it,s just me being thick.

  cga 17:57 29 Sep 2004

You are really looking for the case where it does not exist - that is a business oportunity

  carolineann 18:15 29 Sep 2004


  Sapins 18:23 29 Sep 2004

I think it means do you wish there was a .......?
and then someone will tell you if it exists or not.

Simple really ;-)

  Androcles 21:01 29 Sep 2004

If it's got Dubonic wings and a foo foo valve in the wind socket ,I'll have one!

  Friday's Child 22:45 29 Sep 2004

Oooh yes please - I've wanted one of those for years ;-)

  Simon_P 23:26 29 Sep 2004

IT would be really idea good if there was a point to this.

Although I understand the question it is a bit broad

  Dan the Confused 23:31 29 Sep 2004

Hmmm...lets see now...what is existance? click here

  picklsey 06:41 30 Sep 2004

Dan the Confused good one.

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