Is it that time already!

  oresome 10:40 31 Oct 2004

I've spent most of the morning struggling with various bits of electronic gadgetry resetting the time.

One or two have defeated me and I will have to search for the manuals, or more likely, leave them as they are.

I'm sure there more clocks to be set. I'll come across them in the next day or two. At least the PC and video recorders didn't need adjusting.

  spuds 11:18 31 Oct 2004

I start with the 'Radio-Controlled' alarm clock, then work from there. At least I now know that all my timed devices are all showing the correct time ;o))

  g0slp 11:45 31 Oct 2004

when teenagers in the household are useful... ;-)

  Forum Editor 12:03 31 Oct 2004

My sentiments exactly. We don't have any teenagers left in our house (FE runs laughing into the poppy field), they've all flown the nest, but I always try to arrange for one of them to come for lunch on clock-changing days.

Today it's the turn of my 20 year-old daughter, who has just flitted throught the whole house in twenty minutes, deftly resetting electronic devices on the fly. She's now sitting here drinking coffee and laughing at a father who has worked with computers for more years than she's been alive, but who still can't tune the video, skim through the SKY menus at the speed of light, or set the oven timer. She sends text messages almost quicker than I can type on a keyboard. She works in the airline industry, and can sort out the best deal for any destination from any airport in the world in about a minute - it's all very depressing.

  g0slp 13:01 31 Oct 2004

Face it, we're past it, over the hill, beyond the sell-by date...

It is indeed depressing.


  Al94 13:15 31 Oct 2004

Go to bed early tonight guys with your latest SAGA magazine!!! I probably will!

  stalion 13:49 31 Oct 2004

perhaps one day in the not to distant future we will not have to mess about changing them at all,common sense may prevail and leave them the same all year round

  pj123 15:03 31 Oct 2004

Yep, I spend most of the day resetting clocks. The mechanical one's I can do, no problem. My VCR and Satellite decoder automatically resets, as does my PC. I tend to forget the Central Heating clock and the Washing Machine timer (for cheap night time electricity). The one I can't do though is my Casio Digital Wristwatch, I always have to get next door's kid to do it for me, and he does it in about 10 seconds. How does he do that???

  It's Me 15:27 31 Oct 2004

It's very comforting to know that there are others just as useless as myself. I stare at a batch of incomprehensible buttons, get out the instructions and half an hour later, or more, they are still incomprehensible. Along come the youngsters and just do it. It's all a mystery.

  pj123 15:35 31 Oct 2004

So, what is the actual time now? My PC says 15.38 but it's dark outside already and I am having to use the house lights to see.

  Forum Editor 15:36 31 Oct 2004

the clocks in the cars. Daughter to the rescue again.

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