peter99co 22:30 21 Mar 2008

Are Church Leaders Experts in Medical Matters as well as Religious Matters? I dont think medics pretend to be experts in religion.

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Since when did they become so well versed in such leading edge technology that could help find answers to terrible illnesses that affect our old people. Do they know a different way to find cures to these awful problems.If they do they should tell us,or shut up.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:49 21 Mar 2008

and others of his ilk & disposition fall seriously ill, I think we should all pray as hard as we can for them.

And thats it.


  DANZIG 22:52 21 Mar 2008


...And thats it.


  Totally-braindead 23:05 21 Mar 2008

Whats the religion where they won't allow any medical treatment at all? I assume everything is assumed to be gods will.

  Jak_1 23:13 21 Mar 2008

Religion works mainly on supposition and not hard facts, science works on fact. Religion should keep out of science.
Whilst I respect religious leaders their views that they are entitled to, they should not be allowed to influence things they have no knowledge of.

  Woolwell 23:29 21 Mar 2008

I think that people need to read the Cardinal's sermon and the Q&A on the BBC website about hybrid embryos. The question is whether it is right to have an animal/human hybrid. There are those with or without religious sensibilities who will have opinions one way or the other. Personally I am unsure.

Surely it cannot be wrong to allow MP's to vote in accordance with their conscience and views rather than having to vote as the Government states.

On a separate issue I really don't like three-line whips.

  DieSse 00:05 22 Mar 2008

Personally I think the worst statement in the article is

"But people will not be allowed to vote against this bill, I'm told."

I regard the whole whipping system as a negation of democracy.

  DieSse 00:10 22 Mar 2008

"Whilst I respect religious leaders their views that they are entitled to, they should not be allowed to influence things they have no knowledge of."

That's allowed all the time in all sorts of fields.

Whilst I don't necessarily agree with what these religious leaders are saying, they have every right to voice their opinions, and to seek to persuade others to their view

We shouldn't be talking about banning anybody from speaking out according to their opinions and beliefs, even if we think they're wrong.

  al7478 02:15 22 Mar 2008

"Church leader..."? No, just the one.

He has also not commented, as far as i can tell, on the scientific ins and outs, just his thoughts on the morality.

I think anyone is entitled to do that, especially when we're asking MPs to vote on it, when, surely, we dont believe that theyre all suitably qualified and researched to do so...?

Many of them wo'nt think beyond "human/animal hybrid? Nope." or "fine by me". they wont bother to really find out what it involves and hwat benefits it could yield.

  Pesala 05:18 22 Mar 2008

Please, spare us the shouting.

Voting on laws to be passed in parliament that decide on what is ethical/unethical is not a scientific or medical matter — it is an ethical or legal matter. Therefore, MPs should be free to vote according to their conscience. I agree that the whipping system is contrary to democratic principles, but it doesn't negate it entirely.

"Do they [religious leaders] know a different way to find cures to these awful problems."

Yes they do. Live an ethical life, do not abuse your body with alcohol, drugs, or gluttony, meditate regularly, and avoid making any more unwholesome kamma by acts of cruelty. Practise patience, tolerance, and loving-kindness. When suffering comes, *if it cannot be removed by medical means,* then use it to develop insight into the human condition.

"The kammic result of inflicting pain and suffering on other living beings is that one will suffer from many diseases in future existences." (The Buddha, Culakammavibhanga Sutta)

Or on the positive side:

"Four blessings increase in one who always respects the elders: Long-life, beauty, bliss, and strength." (Dhammapada v 109)

The patient's mental attitude to suffering is very important. click here When well taught, religion can help a great deal to improve a patient's mental attitude. click here When badly taught, however, it can make matters worse.

@Totally Brain Dead.
I don't think any religion is against all medical treatment. The Jehovah's Witnesses believe that blood is sacred -

"Blood is not to be eaten, sucked, stored or transfused."

  lofty29 09:28 22 Mar 2008

Not even black pudding???

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