IT related presentation?

  Mary_S 11:14 18 Jul 2006

Dear All,

I have applied to join an IT academy and part of the interview process is to prepare a 10 minute presentation.

The only briefing i have been given for this is " prepare a presentation of 10 mins about yourself and an IT related topic of your choice" .

Could anyone suggest some ideas as to what to I can talk about in the IT related topic?

Thanks In Advance

  De Marcus™ 11:15 18 Jul 2006

How you come to be involved with IT?

  rmcqua 14:58 18 Jul 2006

A MS Powerpoint presentation on:
"IT as an essential part of modern education" ?

  DrHoliday 17:08 18 Jul 2006

Is this for a job or to do a course run by them?

  Mary_S 17:39 18 Jul 2006

Hi All,

Thank you for the suggestions so far , much appreciated!!

It is intially for a course , then i will work for them.


  UncleP 17:47 18 Jul 2006

A very difficult question for us to answer, partly because the IT field is so large but also because the best topic for you is one in which you have some interest and experience. The interviewing panel will be looking for evidence of your enthusiasm for the subject, your willingness to work and learn, and your ability to use your imagination. The presentation is a way for them to judge your suitability as a potential student, not to assess your level of knowledge.

They do not expect - in 10 minutes - to have a detailed technical exposition, but an indication of why you find the subject interesting, appreciate its relevance, particularly to the courses they will be providing! but also to the needs of society in general etc.

So I suggest you start by compiling a list of all the IT applications you've come across; then pick out one where
(a) you understand the basic principles
(b) is not either too specific or too general
(c) is likely to become more important and extended to other areas
(d) is a little outside the mainstream topics (so you stand out from the other applicants)

Having selected a topic, do a search on it; don't make notes, just try to absorb and assess the information. Keep the presentation low level and personal - 'I find this aspect interesting, I would like to do this, I would like to learn that skill, in ten years' time I would like to be doing this or that job' etc. Leave some (not too obvious!) gaps in the presentation that invite questions from the panel, for which you will have prepared slightly more detailed answers.

Finally (and I apologise for having gabbled away at such length without answering your original request) two practical tips: write out the presentation under sub-headings - it helps you to remember it. Read it aloud, slowly and clearly, to your mirror or computer or whatever, and make sure that you do not exceed your allotted 10 minutes. And if the panel asks a technical question outside your area of knowledge, just apologise and say you don't know the answer - don't guess or bluff, it gives a bad impression and damages your self-confidence. Honesty is, oddly enough, appreciated by most interviewing panels!

Good luck!

  Diemmess 17:48 18 Jul 2006

If you have an IT-unrelated hobby or interest, it is possible to use that as a theme best illustrated during your magnifcent presentation!

From my experience, speakers (old fashioned you see) are so much more interesting, when they enthuse about their special interest, rather than display a new projector or a half understood idea they picked up somewhere.

  Forum Editor 18:45 18 Jul 2006

like the one you'll be doing, and my advice is to concentrate very carefully on the brief. In this case you have been asked to prepare a presentation about yourself first.....and then about an IT topic.

These people have it the right way around - they want to know about you first, which is far more important than what you know about IT. When I interview people (and I do it often for clients) I'm primarily concerned about the individual, what kind of a person he/she is, than about technical knowledge - that can be taught. If you come across as an enthusiastic and loyal team player you'll have crossed the first bridge with me; I'm not particularly interested in people who see themselves as clever loners - that way lies trouble in a corporate IT setting. I want gregarious, intelligent, open-minded individuals with a sense of humour, and a readiness to take life seriously when circumstances demand.

Get that part of the presentation nailed, and the IT part will almost take care of itself - you could choose to explore one of the many subjects currently interesting IT people, like intellectual property rights on the internet, or wireless networks, and some of the problems associated with them.

  Mary_S 20:08 18 Jul 2006


Just like to say thanks for those who have responded. I have taken note of your advice , alot of which sounds like good advice.

Thank You


  spuds 09:42 19 Jul 2006

For a job interview, which it appears to be in the long term. Then I usually recommend a simple technique of "Let it flow off the tongue". By this I would mean, that the subject matter, whether about yourself or a given job related experience,is researched, studied and fully absorbed before entering that 10 minutes of proving yourself in front of a panel of unknown people.

I have interviewed a number of people in past careers, and I would say, that the first one minute of a ten minute interview is the most important. Body language, fluency of simple words, and at least basic knowledge of the subject being discussed or presented are all essential.

As a word of warning, never ever tell a company that your 'vast' experience, will be beneficial to a company, especially if you are new to the game. Convince the panel that you want to learn and progress more proficiently through their help and training techniques, adding further to your present knowledge of a given subject.

  wolfie3000 12:20 19 Jul 2006

I dont know much about this sort of thing but just wanted to wish you good luck Mary_S.

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