IT or ICT that is the question

  recap 09:13 09 Dec 2004

We (work that is) are in the process of starting a support company for IT related problems.

After several meetings I have raised the question on the naming of the support. The partners say is should be ICT, but I think it should be IT. We will be giving support on all aspects of computing from basic fix its in virtually any software package, and OS Platform, to web design and complex databases.

My reason for calling it IT and not ICT is that I believe ICT is aimed at the academic side, while IT is a more generic term for computing, and therfore encompasses all aspect of computers.

Would I be right in this assumption?

  fourjays 09:17 09 Dec 2004

I would agree. I have never heard it called ICT outside of schools/colleges.

  Jackcoms 13:50 09 Dec 2004

But today's school/college students are tomorrow's ICT workers/managers and that's the acronym they know.

  Forum Editor 18:04 09 Dec 2004

who have worked in the IT industry forever don't understand why anyone should use the acronym: ICT, but as Jackcoms says - it has become popular among the young, simply because it is used in schools.
In fact the phrase 'Information and Communication Technology' was coined by Dennis Stevenson in his 1997 report which was prepared for Tony Blair when he was still in opposition. The Phrase was promoted by the new National Curriculum documents for the UK in 2000.

My advice is to go with ICT - it has more relevance for the future.

  Stuart Leyland 18:52 09 Dec 2004

Just to through a spanner in the works. I left high school in June and it was called IT then (and, from listening to my sister who is still at school, still is). Now I'm at college, it is still called IT.

The only time I see ICT is written on a timetable.

Always called it IT myself. Can't think of any logical reason why there needs to be another letter there.

  Stuart Leyland 18:57 09 Dec 2004

Apologies for my elementary English mistake! I of course meant, "throw" instead of "through"!

  Forum Editor 19:30 09 Dec 2004

My youngest daughter (20 yrs) tells me that at her last school it was definitely ICT.

I think ICT will be the acronym that's used officially in the education world, and by government, and it will probably become the accepted reference in the future. The extra letter is there because it was felt that IT no longer described the subject correctly - nowadays computers are used as much for communicating as for anything else, and that wasn't the case years ago. Then they were primarily number crunchers, running payrolls, producing weather data, analysing statistics, doing advanced mathematical problem solving - that kind of thing.

  It's Me 19:37 09 Dec 2004

This all sounds a bit like 'a refuse technician'rather than what we really mean 'a dustbin man'. Another correctness!

  It's Me 19:39 09 Dec 2004

And I meant to say; since when did educationalists and government ever know what they are talking about.

  Jackcoms 20:28 09 Dec 2004

I'm a Governor at a local Primary School (5 - 11 years) and they use/say ICT.

My 2 daughters are at Secondary School where they also use/say ICT.

  Kase 20:53 09 Dec 2004

When I was at school we just had Teachers and god help you if you did not listen, beware the blackboard rubber!!. Why is it all made so complicated by the time you have become used to your IT and ITC some bright MP will come along change the course and call it "Computers" and then I bet be promoted.

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