Is it only LONDON who know how to support ENGLAND?

  AngeTheHippy 14:43 20 Jun 2006

I'm in Lincolnshire now, from w.London, and the most GLARINGLY obvious difference at the moment is the lack of flags, soccer stuff etc. displayed in shops/house windows/gardens etc. England supporter stuff was EVERYWHERE in London, I can honestly say, where we lived whatever the age of the occupants, there was some kind of display at the front of their house/flats, even if only a newspaper flag taped to the window!! Yet here I am, in a rural Lincolnshire village and we're the ONLY house in this close of 20 properties with flags up!! I've got 2 L-A-R-G-E ones (flags..)on the house front and one on each car. I fully expected some of the other residents to ask me to remove them but they didn't dare... Even in the other villages (there are plenty) flags are sadly minimal. One thing though, our local hostelries new landlords are southerners, and they have made the effort with a large flag and screening the games. Good for them!!

But - could I live anywhere else in the world????



  wolfie3000 14:51 20 Jun 2006

I myself live in a small rural community and i guess like here most of the people are of the older generation and probably do support england but just dont put up flags.

Go and visit the pub when an england match is on it might surprise you how many will be there.

  AngeTheHippy 14:58 20 Jun 2006

buy that one - <<i guess like here most of the people are of the older generation >> don't mean a thing. As I said in opening, WHATEVER age my old neighbours were, 20s, 40s, 80s etc., ALL of them made the effort. I find it a bit disappointing to tell ya the truth. No matter - I'm off tomorrow to buy lots and lots of BUNTING - ya know, those little flags on a string. Drape 'em over me iron railings!!!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:59 20 Jun 2006

A team that failed to score a goal against Paraguay, whose players are paid £40k-£130k a week but cannot run around in the sun for 90 minutes, steadfastly refuse to blame themselves for any failings (referee, linesman, Maradonna, God's fault), were unable to pout a goal into T&Tobago's net until past 80 minutes, seem to think that a Liverpudlian with a broken bone is their saviour when, according to a quick calculation, there are 10 other 'men' in a team, train like they are practising to be John Inman on Stars In Their Eyes, who instead of killer eyes have the eyes of rheumatoid guinea pigs and whose biggest headline was some nerk acting like an arthritic robot who cannot put a penalty inbetween two sticks does not inspire too much confidence and no pride.

I think you may find that this sums thids sad bunch of misfits whose national pride doesn't really sparkle at all. Pride is a two-way thing.


  wolfie3000 15:04 20 Jun 2006

Hi GANDALF i see you are your usual self today. lol

But i do agree GANDALF this world cup like the others doesnt bring me out in national pride.


My comment was on the fact that many smaller communities tend not to put up large amounts of bunting and flags because they think it spoils the look of there village i say this as many here feel that way.

  AngeTheHippy 15:12 20 Jun 2006

ah... you don't think much of football then 8-DD

wolfie3000 - spoils the look of their villages? LIGHTEN UP!!! I bet you, if it was eg. Silver Jubilee it would be very different!!!

  wolfie3000 15:15 20 Jun 2006

My comment about it spoiling the look of the village doesnt apply to me as i wouldnt care if they wrapped the whole village in red and white,

  AngeTheHippy 15:20 20 Jun 2006

don't care, should have made meself a bit more clear. It's some of the others who should lighten up!! I live opposite the local Manor House - a southerner owns that mind you, but NO St. George's Flag up there!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:40 20 Jun 2006

'ah... you don't think much of football then 8-DD'....I do like a good game of football but the joke that is played today by a bunch of amateur actors is a national disgrace and I would not let them back into the UK. If you want to watch real football, played by people bursting with pride, watch the 1966 World Cup England v Germany. Those were proper players, with fire in their eyes not diamonds in their ears, playing for England and not for their wallets.


  dagbladet 16:52 20 Jun 2006


The ones who really support England are not in Lincolnshire villages or indeed London, they are in Cologne.

  wolfie3000 16:53 20 Jun 2006

"'ah... you don't think much of football then"

No its not my thing i prefer online gaming tournaments such as the Halolympics that happened earlier this year.

click here

No overpaid premadonnas there :)

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