Is it OK to leave kids unattended?

  newman35 22:16 08 May 2007

I have been staggered to hear all the details of the Algarve case - leaving 2 & 3 year old kiddies in an apartment with no listening devices and thinking it's OK to check on them only every half hour! They were only 'just around the corner', well quite a way the reporting seemed to suggest.
A child could have a terrible time in half an hour, nightmares etc., let alone abduction.
Why do, what must be normally sensible people, do these daft things on holiday?
We all hope for a satisfactory ending, but it should never have happened - and the fact that the parents are both doctors somehow makes it all the worse.

  De Marcus™ 22:34 08 May 2007

We aren’t all perfect, and we may have all done things differently, that's parenting.

At the end of the day, you know nothing about this, except what you've read and heard on the news which places you in no position to comment about the sensibility of the parents involved.

As for 'it should never happened', unfortunately it does everyday, we just don't hear about it as much unless the news front is quiet.

I deeply hope she turn's up fine, my only daughter is the same age and I keep an eagle eye on her but on a relaxed holiday, things are different, whether you like to admit that or not.

My only gripe is if the reporting turns out to be unexaggerated, half an hour is far too long for such a child to be left on there own, especially out of view.

  Kate B 22:35 08 May 2007

I wondered when this would come up. I must say, my first reaction was "what on earth were they doing, leaving three tiny children like that", but apparently it's common in holiday hotels like that. I'm not a parent, so it's not really up to me to comment on someone else's parenting choices.

I suppose though the bottom line about holiday behaviour - when people do take risks - is the question: would you do it at home? If the answer's no, then I guess you shouldn't do it on holiday - whatever it is.

  kev d 22:42 08 May 2007

No it is not as this sad case has proven. Now is not the time to apportion blame on the parents however. Let's hope the little girl is soon found safe and sound. My best wishes are with this family at this time.

  mammak 22:47 08 May 2007

I am a Parent and I agree with your every word! those were my thoughts when I first heard of this they made a mistake and god willing they will have their child back.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:49 08 May 2007

knee jerk reactions based solely on media reports, shall we? However it began, lets hope that it ends well. And I think every single person on these forums should think and hope for the same.


  Kate B 22:52 08 May 2007

Couldn't agree more, WTM. I hope that child comes back safely, but I'm not optimistic. It's been too long.

  oresome 22:55 08 May 2007

"Is it OK to leave kids unattended?"

No it isn't, whether on holiday or not. However the parents in this case are suffering enough and I think the publics sympathy is with them at the moment. But public sympathy is a fickle thing that could easily turn.

  De Marcus™ 22:56 08 May 2007



There's a lot of fly by your pants reporting coming out of there, especially since the police are so quiet with details. Media starvation, in my opinion leads to bad journalism. Let's wait till we find out the outcome (actual facts), good or bad, before we jusge, if even we are in a moral position to do so.

  Kate B 22:58 08 May 2007

Yup, there's nothing more likely to produce a lot of speculation than a vacuum of information. The British police are good about keeping the press updated - they know that that vacuum can end up being filled with stuff that ranges from daft to unhelpful to downright dangerous.

  kev d 23:01 08 May 2007

wishes only at this time. There will be a more suitable time later to widen the debate to cover the rights and wrongs. At the moment our thoughts should be with Maddie and her family.

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