Is it OK

  Al94 21:53 26 Dec 2006

to do away with your very elderly mother after 2 days over Christmas (only joking I think!) It all started with her telling her daughter in law (my wife) on Xmas eve that she had put on a lot of weight (after her dieting and losing weight) All down hill since. She has been trying to pick a fight ever since adopting a "higher than thou" attitude and I finally came to my wife's defence tonight and defended her robustly against attacks on her profession and her abilities as a mother (too caring - you need to let go) This was followed by her dropping a half bottle of red wine on the dining room rug, no apology, "it was too near the edge of the table and at least I didn't cut myself" HELP!!!!!!!!

  Forum Editor 23:10 26 Dec 2006

Christmas is over for another year.

We also had a red wine incident - on a cream coloured sofa, spilt by my son's girlfriend's mother, who was gesticulating to add drama to a story she was telling. "Don't give it a thought; these things happen" I heard myself saying, "It's only a sofa".

Back to normal tomorrow.

  rdave13 23:24 26 Dec 2006

"Back to normal tomorrow."
Yup, same as today and yesterday (note I don't call it Christmas day),bickering and fighting, one 3 1/2 and one 20 months. I try to moderate but heaven help me when I try to chastise these terrors I get "bloodhound eyes" and a hint of a tear.
Stops me in my tracks!
My wife on the other hand takes no prisoners and life goes on..:)) Nothing compares to family life!
Happy New Year......

  Apron 06:35 27 Dec 2006

A good time was had by all then. We had one extra - grandson had planned to stay in London and spend Christmas with his flatmates, he turned up here on Christmas eve ( homesick and we are nearer than Mum & Dad).He's sleeping on the landing. The new baby is good as gold and beloved Aunt is thrilled to bits with her. Enjoyed our food and walks, I won most scrabble games. Everyone had what they wanted. Today everyone is going to Dunwich for a picnic lunch except me and aunt - She is resting before she goes home tomorrow. I am in the magic family years. The only low note - my brother failed to get in touch again. I have survived another year, it will soon be light enough for a walk.

  laurie53 09:39 27 Dec 2006

We woke up about nine, had breakfast in bed, opened presents, got up about 11.30, had lunch, slobbed out on the sofa in a welter of chocolate until bedtime.

Relax, it's Christmas!


  The Brigadier 09:59 27 Dec 2006

My Father spilled red wine on his 6 day old carpet as a friends nag romped to victory on TV. Sadly no one put money on it, except me!

  Bingalau 10:01 27 Dec 2006

Everything's alright in the World then? (Seems to me that normal things are happening) ..Bingalau..

  VCR97 19:40 27 Dec 2006

Someone told me that a good remedy for a red wine spillage is to pour white wine on it. Anyone been brave enough to try it?

  Monoux 20:01 27 Dec 2006

VCR97-- Yup it works-- my brother in law spilt red wine on the carpet on Christmas day - dowsed with a little white wine and left to dry-- not a stain in sight today

  Monoux 20:03 27 Dec 2006

However large mound of recently dug ground in the back garden - no sign of brother in law anywhere though :o)

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:50 27 Dec 2006

Before having your mother over Christmas dinner, make sure you have deep burgundy coloured furniture and carpet in at least one room and don't let her go anywhere else!

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