Is It My Imagination

  crosstrainer 08:44 11 Nov 2007

Or are most game developers leaning towards the "online" platform for new releases? I have enjoyed games like the "Max Payne" series, Doom, Quake FEAR etc. But it seems that the new offerings (even the new Quake wars) have gone away from the "Play on your own" format. I LIKE playing on my own!

Anyone know of a good new game to show off my fancy system (of the good old fashioned genre above) Or have I had my day? :)

  crosstrainer 09:19 11 Nov 2007

Going shopping later :)

  DrScott 09:53 11 Nov 2007

I've bought world in conflict, and the single player game is excellent. However, a huge amount of it is dedicated to multiplayer - something I really don't have enough hours in the day for.

Still as a game it's fantastic.

Medieval 2 Total War is also awesome.

I'm not into FPS that much - wolfie3000 might be able to help!

  crosstrainer 09:57 11 Nov 2007

Online game I do like is Flightsimx, but as it involves a lot of time (you can't just walk away from it) and setting up my flight controller, I have not really had the full benefit of it.

Perhaps the days of good old single player are truly gone (:

I really had hoped that a new version of Max Payne might be released....Graphically one of the most inovative games ever released (imo) But seems they just let it go.

  Marko797 10:18 11 Nov 2007

CT, if u like FPS then the 2 above will satisfy your needs. Valve seem to be going for the episodics rather than fuller games. Ep2 is the 2nd in a promised trilogy. Latest out id Ep 2 & it's very good. Go Gordon Freeman!

Also, there's the new Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. I've looked at the demo and it looks very good, although I did prefer the WW2 era.

Finally, in my review (lol), the new FEAR game (Perseus Mandate) is due out v. soon, but the demo is out & looks great (more so than the new Crysis demo - others will differ of course) plus it plays better than Crysis on my machine. I've just posted a link in Consumer on this for Donki, who seems to be a games enthusiast. Hope this helps.

Almost forgot, but there was a great game out call SiN: Emergence - very Halflife 2, same engine I think, but provided hours of joy fromboth a game and graphics perspective, even on my ageing ATI Radeon x800 plat ed. Might be worth u checking it out if you can.

  Marko797 10:18 11 Nov 2007

this is in time for your shopping trip?

  crosstrainer 10:46 11 Nov 2007

New FEAR game? Do you know when it's due out?

Also, half-life runs under steam? (which I hate!)

Fussy I know, but had not heard of a new FEAR, that would be great....Really enjoyed the first 2 (or 1.5 if you go by "bang for you buck") :)

  Marko797 10:48 11 Nov 2007

is great, played it for a short while last night. See click here for the demo. It's only 750mb or so. Might be worth checking with the likes of Game if ur out shopping whne the game is actually released over here.

  Marko797 10:50 11 Nov 2007

ur gonna have to wait, according to Amazon here

  crosstrainer 10:55 11 Nov 2007

Thanks for those suggestions...yes looks like I will have to wait for FEAR...but really liked it a lot. I know almost from the word go if I am going to like a game or not...It's a personal thing I suppose....Many here raved about Oblivion, so I bought it, and the Shivering Isle's expansion pack (still unwrapped) Found it just "wasn't me"

I will check out the demo :)

  Marko797 10:56 11 Nov 2007

3 person role play type stuff is ur thing, but Hellgate London is out. It's a bit Diablo 2 but with a modern twist and set in London, of all places. I tried it last week and the graphs are pleasing, and in general, the game looks good. It's point and click.

This reminds me: Overlord was the same genre as the above, & again graphs were good. Hard to get into at first, but glad I persevered...great game.

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