Is it me or is there a bad atmosphere around here?

  perpetual motion 16:10 25 Feb 2009

Normally we all have a chuckle & a couple of bits of light entertainment & maybe the od bit of sarcasm, HOWEVER ive noticed there is a bad taste in the air what with these:

click here

Spammers then a few of the Forum Members getting into a "Hot Aired" argument with one another...?

Let's all take a long breathe eh..i do feel sorry for Peter he has too deal with us all & make sure it dont get out of hand...

Shall we start a new day tomorrow in a better form eh...

After all we all have a idea or some basic knowledge of one another we are not strangers as such...

  canarieslover 16:41 25 Feb 2009

Possibly the recession is driving everybody into depression. Hopefully not, but I have noticed some people getting a bit tetchy nowadays.

  Clapton is God 16:55 25 Feb 2009

"Spammers then a few of the Forum Members getting into a "Hot Aired" argument with one another"

When you've been around these Forums as long as I have (since August 2002) you'll realise that sort of thing is actually 'business as usual'.

As for your click here, exactly what is your point about Cameron's sad news?

  newman35 17:00 25 Feb 2009

I simply cannot see what is wrong with the post you quote as being 'bad taste'. It's a post that members have expressed their sympathy with someone who has lost a child - where is the bad taste?
The forum itself is a 'debating chamber' and , as such, will from time to time get heated - that is what debate is all about.
FE is more than up to any challenges that have arisen, from time to time.

  hssutton 17:12 25 Feb 2009

perpetual motion probably posted a wrong link, as there's nothing wrong with the post about DCs tragic loss.

  bremner 17:24 25 Feb 2009

Please confirm that you have posted the wrong link because otherwise your comment is completely heartless

  perpetual motion 17:38 25 Feb 2009

Sorry guys i must apologize, i had multi browsers open & ive clearly cut & pasted the wrong link...sorry..!!
i didnt mean too add the Cameron story in there...

  bremner 17:44 25 Feb 2009

I honestly thought that had to be the case.

  Forum Editor 17:51 25 Feb 2009

that you worry a little less about how the forum goes from day to day. We've been running for over eight years, and we can handle things just fine between all of us.

From time to time there are disagreements, and some of them are quite strongly expressed, but we all survive. Sometimes two people take a dislike to each other, but that happens in life, and after all, this is a virtual space -nobody has to meet someone they don't like if they don't want to.

Forget about bad tastes in the air, and don't take it all too seriously; this is a web forum - there are far more important things in life, or there should be.

  Marko797 17:54 25 Feb 2009

maybe u should get out more rather than worrying about things in the virtual world??

  Bingalau 18:21 25 Feb 2009

I always knew that "Brumas" bloke didn't really exist..

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