Is it me or has ...

  Jak_1 19:56 26 Mar 2008

The PCA website got faster since getting the new makeover?

  lofty29 19:58 26 Mar 2008

I would have said it is slower

  Jak_1 19:59 26 Mar 2008

Threads load like the clappers at the moment.

  spuds 00:10 27 Mar 2008

Slow Slow, Quick Quick Slow at my end this evening. But I might put this down to my ISP.

  tillybaby 07:04 27 Mar 2008

Extremely quick, blimey I can't believe it.

  birdface 07:55 27 Mar 2008

Keep having to sign in when going to different pages.As nobody else is having the same problem it must be a fault with my computer.

  jack 08:19 27 Mar 2008

Faster .
Getting on can be painful - depend how busy the network is I guess rather than the site.

  rdave13 17:29 27 Mar 2008

Blimey, even on AOL's browser it's flying. They must use aviation fuel instead of the old derve..;)

  anskyber 17:41 27 Mar 2008


But every time I say it is faster it's usually before it does a good impression of a lemming.

Let's hope not.

  Forum Editor 18:13 27 Mar 2008

to the days when hardly a week went by without a thread about the site being slow. It's a rare occurrence these days, and when it happens it tends to be localised, and is often related to traffic problems in specific areas on the internet.

The credit, of course, must go to the Online development team, the boys in the background, who spend their days working very hard to keep not only this site, but quite a few others within the IDG group, humming along smoothly.

They rarely get a mention, and I'm as much to blame as anyone else for that, so I thought it time to redress the balance a little. Here's to Dan, John, Adrian, Victor, and Bradley, without whom we would all be looking for somewhere else to argue about the government/copyright/things ain't what they used to be, etc., etc.

  interzone55 21:00 27 Mar 2008

I'd like to add my fulsome round of applause to the team.

Now if you could lend a couple of the guys to Dell so they can speed up their web-site, it keeps timing out whilst I'm configuring servers...

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