Is it me, or does anyone else agree?

  LastChip 13:26 05 Nov 2008

From time to time I use Amazon to buy various bits and pieces, normally because their prices are the best available.

They are said to be the "most successful" on-line retailer in the World and that's probably true.

But I find their site a real mess. Completely unintuitive, never able to sign out from a session and in short; a disaster.

For example, I've just been there to leave good feedback for an item I've recently purchased. The damn sites sent me round and round in circles asking me to log in multiple times and so I've given up.

In the next week or so, I'll receive an email asking me to leave feedback!

Why do they make it so complicated?

Is it just me?

  I am Spartacus 13:35 05 Nov 2008

I've found it hard to request an RMA if an item was bought more than 30 days ago. Like you I've gone round and round in circles until I somehow stumbled on it.

I now just send an email direct to the Contact email address and wait for a reply.

  Condom 17:49 05 Nov 2008

I frequently use Amazon to buy books and have never had any problems. The site looks pretty straightforward to me and I'm no computer wizard.

Are we talking about normal Amazon sale sites or their second hand sites?

  DippyGirl 18:12 05 Nov 2008

I find .com more comprehensive than - certainly for content of CD/DVD and reviews .com allows you to listen to tracks

Agree with the login/logout bit - sent some feedback about it months ago. They even have a FAQ about logout click here

On the whole though I like the service - never had an issue with what I have ordered, delivery or on returns

  Zorst 18:21 05 Nov 2008

I find their website to be excellent on the whole. Used them extensively and their service has always been very good.

  sunnystaines 18:26 05 Nov 2008

not always the best price, but always good delivery.

  LastChip 18:43 05 Nov 2008

the original post was not aimed at any criticism of their service. I too find that very acceptable and I've already stated, their prices are often the best to be found.

It is more a question of the sites navigation, than any dissatisfaction with their service.

When you put it up against a very clean site like ebuyer for example, to me it seems messy and very unintuitive. It even has an air of being cramped.

Maybe it *is* me, because one or two of your replies suggest you have no problem with the site.

Condom: I was referring to amazon . co . uk

and DippyGirl: you're a star! All this time it hadn't occurred to me to click on "Not you" - because it *is* me!

But that's a good example of what I'm discussing. Why not simply put a "Log Out" button in it's place. Is that too simple?

  spuds 18:57 05 Nov 2008

I use Amazon on a regular weekly basis, mainly the Market Place for Cd's and Dvd,s, plus the occasional book. Absolutely brilliant service from the various sellers, with delivery usually within 1/4 days.

LastChip, not to sure about what you are suggesting regarding giving a feedback. If its what I am thinking about, then I find the easy method by using the browser return, instead of the link provided by Amazon. If you give a number of feedbacks then just continue doing the same, then finally use the browser again to reload the page, it should show a Post Data message, just press continue, and the page with be updated.

Regarding signing out, this can be a teaser, but by leaving the website, signing out is automatic.

  Kemistri 20:09 05 Nov 2008

I think I agree with you, LastChip.

Usability shortcomings are bound to be a pet hate of mine, really. For the most part, they are very easy to avoid in the first place and, for the most part, pretty easy to fix when they become apparent, but Amazon hasn't really fixed the issues -- even during the recent rebuild.

I agree that it is a bit messy and cramped; the navigation is still a bit weak, particularly when you want information; and the searching and display of products that are available from multiple sellers could be handled better. The auto log out is usually not a big issue, but it could become one for anyone who shares a PC.

I have seen worse, for sure, but there is definitely room for improvement.

  crosstrainer 09:29 06 Nov 2008

I find the book section is fine, but as you say, the games and hardware stuff is a real mess....They need a decent Web Designer to go in and really sort it out....I've been tempted to buy other items from them in the past, but have not due to the badly presented information.

There is a moral here that I used to explain to clients...."No web site is better than a bad one"

  johndrew 10:16 06 Nov 2008

I also tend to agree with you when it comes to finding some items. Often it is easier to Google the item and then look for the Amazon link that will take you directly to the page you wanted to find.

Perhaps it`s a bit like some of the cheaper stores that `pile them high - sell them cheap` but an electronic version. Again the service, once you find what you want, is excellent.

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