Is it just me?

  Yimbo 18:06 02 Feb 2012

or does anyone else share my view that our beloved PCA is becoming ever more technical and complex? I see an increasing amount of highly detailed information, jargon, acronyms etc., much of which frankly baffles me. I'm fairly confident that in the past I understood most of what I read in its pages - but I really feel more and more out of depth with much of the present content!

OK, I'm getting on - - so maybe it's just me!

  wiz-king 18:11 02 Feb 2012

It's so good -- all the simple problems have been solved! grin

  Forum Editor 18:45 02 Feb 2012

You raise an interesting point.

Computers, and things related to computing can be incredibly technical and extremely simple - both at the same time. We try to provide our readers and /or forum members with information that is relatively easy to understand, whilst always remembering that the worst thing we could do is to patronise people.

Here in our forums we get pleas for help and advice from people with varying levels of expertise, and fortunately for us we have a really good spread of knowledge and experience at our fingertips - namely our ever-ready forum helpers, those who give so freely of their spare time to help others.

You're right that the world of computing is awash with acronyms, they lurk everywhere,and there's no escape. Fortunately it's easy enough to find out that TWAIN stands for Technology Without An Interesting Name - Google is your friend as far as acronyms go.

Our job,both here and in the magazine, is to help to guide you through the labyrinthine world of technology,and we try very hard to stick to plain English wherever possible. If there's anything that don't understand just ask, either via a thread in one of the forum areas, or by email to me. If I don't know the answer I'll usually know someone who does.

  Aitchbee 21:02 02 Feb 2012

When I see the word 'networking' my brain shuts down.

  Bingalau 21:10 02 Feb 2012

With me I just think that technically I've gone about as far as I can go. I have no wish to learn any new things any more. I suppose it's an age thing and think I have done extremely well to get to the standard of understanding that I now have, without going any further. So can you inform the inventors and "Techie Gods" that it is about time they stopped making advancements, because I am starting to feel like a dinosaur. Never mind everybody else, just cater for me please!

  Yimbo 21:13 02 Feb 2012

Thanks FE for your comments which I appreciate - and I fully agree with the tribute you pay to "our ever-ready forum members". They have been a great source of help to me (and many others!) over the years, providing assistance, simply, patiently and pleasantly, with a variety of issues where I've gone wrong, or got stuck! Maybe this is my opportunity to thank them all! So - thanks folks!

Despite the subject of my opening post - I condsider PCA by far the best magazine in this field, and I look forward to every edition which, complex or not, never fails to educate and interest me!

  chub_tor 21:44 02 Feb 2012

Yimbo I have to agree with you regarding the technical aspects of not only PCA magazine but most other PC magazines and I gave up buying them on a regular basis many moons ago. Nowadays I only buy them when I see a topic that interests me on the front cover.

But I do enjoy participating in these forums where I can pick and choose both the forum that interests me and a thread where I can maybe help. For example I skip over Networking, Digital Home, Mobile World, Games, Business and Web design where I have little experience, however I really enjoy being involved with the Helproom where I learn much from all the questions posted and can sometimes add to the discussion.

  pabby 22:08 02 Feb 2012

Many many years ago the banner was

PCA expert advise in plain English

if my memory is correct?

  spuds 01:55 03 Feb 2012

I think that I can perhaps agree with chub_tor's comments, because it seems to cover my computing life, on and off this forum, in a very similar way.

With regards to computer magazines, I use to subscribe to about six, but I began to find that most were or seemed to be covering the same subjects, so I only subscribe to one now, which keeps me informed on the basic subjects I seek.

Computer technology is a daily event, which in all fairness is getting far out of my comfort zone, and I do not feel that I need that new bit of kit every couple of weeks, because what I have at present, then that will do me!.

  ams4127 15:50 03 Feb 2012

I gave up subscribing to computer magazines quite a few years ago. The are many sites on the internet where one is able to read about computing/computers/gadgets/rumours/instructions etc.

And the internet, being what it is, almost always has more up to date news, views, tests etc.

Engadget, as an example, is superb.

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