Is it like a job

  spuds 10:41 02 Dec 2006

I have been on this forum since mid 2001, and in that time I have witnessed a few changes ranging from editorial staff, design of site and loss of regular 'always here' past members. I can perhaps assume, that some of these older members still view and use the forum, more in a capacity of a lurker, than a contributer nowadays.

Doe's there come a time in life, when you get to the point that you have read the same questions, given the same answers that many times, that you begin to think, the 'job' is getting rather tedious and boring, and perhaps a 'sit on the shelf' would be a more suitable occupation.

  Forum Editor 10:53 02 Dec 2006

that we DO tend to see the same questions, and discuss the same topics, over and over again. It can certainly become a little tedious at times, and I'm the first person to admit it. The fact that we have constant membership 'churn' means that newer members raise the same points that long-serving people have see many times.

There's not much we can do about that, and it's probably one of the reasons that some of the old-time regulars have moved on, or stopped posting. I think there's always something here to stimulate the little grey cells however, and we are currently formulating some interesting new site changes which might help to ward off the boredom.

  spikeychris 11:16 02 Dec 2006

I very very rarely log into the helproom nowadays - I used to be a prolific poster loving the challenge but the questions did become repetitive.
That said I show me face here every day to see what’s going on.

  anskyber 11:27 02 Dec 2006

Yes, possibly. I cannot remember when I first arrived here, I wish I could. I think it's about 18 months ago but it matters not.

It's in the nature of things that familiarity reduces the excitement of the new I suppose, but brace yourself for the next wave of brain bending with the arrival of Vista.

The FE has also set the rabbit away with his "we are currently formulating some interesting new site changes which might help to ward off the boredom." comment.

  Bingalau 11:29 02 Dec 2006

This site to me was just a "Help Site" at first and it still is of course. I never used to look at the other sections of the site until about six months ago, then I started joining in. But I have to agree that the same subjects keep cropping up. So I don't look in as often as I used to and will probably look in even less as time passes and boredom sets in with the same old items occuring. What does strike me though is there is not an awful lot of discussion about the weather, after all we are British and that's usually the first thing mentioned in conversations. ..Bingalau..

  Watchful 11:31 02 Dec 2006

There's a lot in what you say. I was never competent enough to give much help anyway but I do still lurk and if I had a problem this is where I would come. Everything gets tedious and repetitive after a while so I welcome change to a certain extent but if I found it boring I'd do something else.

  freaky 11:39 02 Dec 2006

I've been a member of a particular car forum for a few years, and the situation is exactly the same there.

It still has the same number of members, so the ones who have left have been replaced with new people.....consequently a lot of the posts are just repeats.

I think this forum is unique in it's format and is to be admired, I hope the FE does not make any changes that would detract from this.

  Kate B 12:18 02 Dec 2006

I got very bored with a big commercial women's forum: for a while I enjoyed passing on the benefit of 20-odd years experience of relationships, but in the end you can only deal with the same stuff so many times. Once you've patiently tried to point out that a) your boyfriend having had previous girlfriends makes him more interesting, not less interested in you and b) your boyfriend having female friends, often including an ex or two, is not something you can or should police, it becomes a bit headbangingly wearisome.

But I think the good thing is that there are always new members to all forums willing to pass on their experience.

  wolfie3000 13:32 02 Dec 2006

The same happens in gaming forums with the same questions and such,
But a good forum needs experienced members to help out newer members.

  Input Overload 19:35 02 Dec 2006

Some may change the names they have on here & are still around.

  VoG II 20:30 02 Dec 2006

It is interesting - many of those who used to be regular helpers when I joined some 5 years ago are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they just lurk or have changed their names or simply don't visit anymore.

It is interesting to observe the posting behaviour of those who are relatively new. Once they've successfully solved somebody's problem their posting rate increases exponentially at first, as their confidence grows. Then it gradually levels-off once they have found their 'niche' subjects. Eventually, of course, they may get bored or move onto other things and their posting rate may fall again.

I am easily bored but I don't get bored with the Helproom. I still post from time to time and I'm still learning - especially on the hardware side at which I'm a complete dunce.

I do visit other forums but don't post there nearly so often. On some forums there are cliques and if one posts a solution that works but does not fit with the clique's mindset then one is open to correction or even ridicule. I have rarely seen this on PCA and I think that is one of the reasons why I come back day after day.

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