It isn't "haitch" it is "aitch"

  pj123 20:08 18 Jul 2007

Why oh why do I keep getting people repeating part of my Postcode as 5RH (5R Haitch)

H is "aitch" not "haitch".

  Brock100 20:10 18 Jul 2007

Drives me mad too pj but I guess it is a small thing realy

  Colin 20:28 18 Jul 2007

It's the little things that get under your skin.
People who say bought instead brought, of instead of have, "you should of done that", except instead of accept. British people trying to speak a foreign language in that language's accent. I don't recall a French or German person speaking English and trying to do an English accent. I could go on but my pills asre starting to kick in.

  Colin 20:29 18 Jul 2007

Plus spelling are as asre!

  Stuartli 21:01 18 Jul 2007

Or something is "the first ever" - if it's the first, ever is superfluous.

Another annoyance is the use of the word live for television interviews i.e. "we now go over live to...", "so and so, speaking to us live from..." or the strange expression that a show has a "live audience."

  Earthsea 21:11 18 Jul 2007

Not the audience on Jeremy Kyle, I think they're brain dead.

  northwales 21:34 18 Jul 2007

I used to date a London girl and she always made my smile when giving out her postcode "H for 'array".

Has anyone else noticed that when talking about something that they have just purchased some say "I brought it at....."!

  Abi-Moore 21:50 18 Jul 2007

haitch or aitch is being a bit predantic. h for harry is ok?
if thay got your postcode wrong and sent it to 5RA you might be a bit peeved?

  Brumas 21:55 18 Jul 2007

If you reverse the title it makes me chuckle when I hear my American friend pronounce the word HERB as ERB - never fails to make me laugh!

  Earthsea 22:24 18 Jul 2007

'In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen.'

If you can say that in front of a candle flame without blowing it out then you can speak proper.

  Stuartli 22:33 18 Jul 2007

It's not being in the slightest bit pedantic.

H is quite correctly stated, in single letter form, as Aitch.

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