Is it 'Expert Advice you can Trust'?

  Proclaimer 11:28 19 Feb 2012

PC Advisor Review

I was just reading the Kaspersky TDSSKiller review on the site reviews and it is in a first person context but not really attributed to anyone from PCA so I thought it looks out of place. A quick Google of the first 25 words in the review and the same review pops up all over the web. Does that not make this an advert then?

I have to say I was a bit disappointed to see it repeated on other sites and a small amount of trust in PCA reviews just faded away...

  Forum Editor 11:38 19 Feb 2012

If you look at the top of the article you'll see that it was written by Rick Broida from PC World, which is one of our sister publications.

The IDG group, of which we're a part,is the world's largest publisher of technology magazines. Reviews are often syndicated around the group - it makes sense when they are of general interest.

  simonjary 20:37 19 Feb 2012

As FE says this is a review from one of our US sister publications, written by a trusted journalist. All are checked from from a UK point of view, of course. Other international IDG sites in turn use PCA reviews and features.

Simon, Publisher

  Aitchbee 22:11 19 Feb 2012

Proclaimer - the respected forum members usually have a good idea what is good - and what is not so good.

Forum Editor & simonjary are topnotch experts, whom I would trust.

But when it comes to actually spending money on any product, it's advisable to do your own homework.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:50 19 Feb 2012

I think it's a valid observation. I spent a few minutes googling and came across plenty of references to the very same article, but under different names. Such as Digitalboy , John E Dunn and Thirumel. In fairness, I must add that most of them were credited to the name Rick Broida.


  Input Overload 00:32 20 Feb 2012

Well it did me a favour: I removed a similar fake AV using Malwarebytes & UnHide a couple of weeks ago on a small company I do some work for on a laptop they use & was not aware of this small program. I've sent the link to them just to check & also saved it for the occasional run on my PC's :-)

  Proclaimer 09:10 20 Feb 2012

Well that certainly explains why it is on a few other sites however, it is quite prolific out there and does make the review look suspect. Perhaps a few sites have borrowed it without permission then...

  Forum Editor 01:23 21 Feb 2012


One thing you learn when you start writing on the web is that your text, or sections of it, can turn up in the most unlikely places.

I was once at a corporate meeting in France, and was idly leafing through the marketing director's report to the board when I saw some lines from a piece I had written months previously for another company's website. The report's author had shamelessly snitched a few of my thoughts on the influence of social networks in a changing world. Life's too short to worry about little things like that, and as the man in question was sitting just across the table from me I thought it better to let it pass.

  simonjary 07:20 21 Feb 2012

We'll look into the articles bylined with other names. Thanks.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:24 21 Feb 2012

simonjary - I confess my curiosity bump needs ointmenting. Might we get to know what you find out?


  simonjary 06:57 22 Feb 2012

As is ever the case with the world wild web it appears that this article (and many more from the PC Advisor site) has been copied and published elsewhere without permission and usually without attribution.

It's why Google regularly changes its search algorithm to catch out dodgy sites that rip off others' content in a bid to surround it with adverts and make a quick dime.

We have sent cease and desist messages to a bunch of them but it's impossible to find the time to constantly monitor the web for such piracy.

As long as Google keeps pointing out the original articles this shouldn't affect us or readers that much.

But, yes, it is very annoying!

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