IT equipment never so cheap

  john bunyan 12:16 04 Sep 2010

I have just cleared out a drawer and found an invoice dated August 1996 for a Dan desktop. Spec: 200Mhz pentium,32Mb RAM,17" Ilyama monitor,Matrox Millenium 4M card,2.5Gig HD !!,Internl SCSI Jaz Drive Adaptec 2940 SCSI, etc Total price £3641!!!

  Forum Editor 12:28 04 Sep 2010

all those years ago - the one for the computer you told her cost £150?

  octal 12:42 04 Sep 2010

That's funny, it made me smile this morning. These days I just fess up and tell her how much it costs, they usually find out in the end so it's best to tell all. I bought a morse key the other day and told her it was going to cost £80, she just said "What? Another one? Ok then" No arguments.

john bunyan, it's amazing how much its come down in price, you don't realise until someone produces something like you have done to put it all into context.

  john bunyan 17:44 04 Sep 2010

Yes, I admit to hiding it! Mind you in those days I was still at work with the odd bonus so it was a bit easier. I am refomed now with joint accounts etc. Funny how if a man buys an expensive camera, say, another man will only comment on technical aspects, but a woman will go on and on about the price.
Sorry to female readers, I know that the above is not PC and does not apply to all!

  Quickbeam 18:01 04 Sep 2010

But that view changes if it's shoes or handbags:)

  john bunyan 18:10 04 Sep 2010

According to a money inflation calculator on the web, the price I paid is equal to £5133 today, I am ashamed to admit.( mind you, it included a "massive" 1 Gig removable Jaz drive, worth £60!!) One could get a 500 Gig USB HD for less than that now.

  Woolwell 19:50 04 Sep 2010

I knew I still had an old invoice somewhere and your post made me search it out.

Also August 1996: Pentium 120, 512k Pipeline cache, Panasonix KX-P6300 printer, Office, etc came to £2,017 including VAT. The HD was 1080 Mb, RAM 16 Mb and 15" Hitachi monitor. Windows 95. The laser printer itself cost £310 before VAT. Monochrome of course.

  morddwyd 19:55 04 Sep 2010

If you have any old pay statements lying around it's always interesting to see how prices compare in relation to how many hours you had to work to pay for them.

  Quickbeam 20:14 04 Sep 2010

My first weeks wage in Nov '72 was £10.56 net for 56 hours. I'd never had so much money!

A pint of beer was 18p, the four mile bus ride to work was 4p and it cost 40p to Dr Feelgood at a local venue. Amazing how some prices are with you forever.

  Bingalau 20:45 04 Sep 2010

I was looking recently at the receipt for three cars with ushers for my wedding in 1952. Total cost £6.10.0 (That's £6.50 for anyone not pre decimal wise) Blimey it wouldn't even buy you the ushers top hat these days.

That reminds me. My eight brother's in law and two brothers, all had great fun trying to knock off the usher's top hats with snow balls. (Proper White Wedding Day). Just looked at the wedding group photo in black and white and realised there are only three people left of the original 50+.

  john bunyan 22:35 04 Sep 2010

Your PC was equal to £2843.97 in today's money!
Bingalau's cars and ushers £150.22
Quickbeam below the minimum rate - equal to £104 today.(You sure it wasn't '62??)
This site lets you find it all out:
click here

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