Is It About Time

  oresome 10:58 28 Nov 2007

We had public funding only for political parties?

Would it stop the type of story unfolding at the moment, or would the parties still attempt to circumvent the rules and receive further donations in a underhand manner?

Why do people donate large sums to political parties?

Should we be worried when benefactors have businesses that can gain from political decision making?

Does bestowing the odd title do any harm?

Do we really have a one person, one vote system in the UK?

Despite all the enquiries and codes of practice, will anything ever really change?

Do you want it to change?

Enough questions from me, but please don't make this party political and keep comments on a general nature or the thread will be pulled.

  Mike D 11:22 28 Nov 2007

Yes but..

I don't want to fund any political party using my taxes, never mind one that I do not support.

  interzone55 13:14 28 Nov 2007

How would it work though...

If you fund parties is it based on no of seats won at the last election then opposition parties lose out.

If they all get the same money the Monster Raving Loony Party get a disproportionate amount.

  justme 13:53 28 Nov 2007

I would rather abolish the parties altogether and get rid of party whips. This would let the electorate vote for someone who would work for them instead of someone who blindly follows the wishes of the party leader.

Who knows, it may even mean that our MP's will begin to do what is best for Britain instead of best for their party. It would certainly mean that the electorate would have more say in matters and may even reverse the disinterest in anything to do with politics.

  interzone55 14:52 28 Nov 2007

That would be a nice utopian dream, but just won't work. If we can't get 3 parties working together, how on earth would 650 independent MPs agree on anything.

  jack 18:00 28 Nov 2007

Call me a cynic if you like but with this recent funding debacle I cant help but think that the the person making the donations has another agenda somewhere- was there not talk about a labour council disallowing planning permission somewhere?
And as for the judicial enquiry - on the Daily politics show this lunchtime it was pointed that the eminent judge who is to be on the panel can be shown to be a long time Labour supporter having worked in the H Wilson government that long ago - Hardly impartial then.

  eikonuj 18:31 28 Nov 2007

Those who count the votes decide everything - who can we trust? Certainly not one of the major parties or any politician for that matter.Can we say 'honest,trustworthy and politician' in the same sentence?
oops! sorry FE - getting carried away.

  laurie53 20:03 28 Nov 2007

According to the original story this fiasco arose because the chap giving the money wanted to avoid publicity.

Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

  xania 09:38 29 Nov 2007

Sorry - I seem to have missed a point. Precisely why did that chap want to avoid publicity? I can only assume so that it would be to avoid a link to however he might benefit.

I think that we do need to put a stop to the prolific spending of the political parties. If each constituency candidate was solely responsible for their election, and we put a stop to higher policicians wasting time and money (and the envirinmoent) flying around the country, the costs would soon fall.

  interzone55 11:31 29 Nov 2007

You raise a good point.

If he wanted to avoid publicity there must have been a reason.
What has happened is that he's donated money, probably got the result he wanted, then he gets the money back.
This is the same as happened when Bernie Ecclestone donated £1m to the labour party, he got exactly what he wanted, a delay to the ban on tobacco sponsorship in motorsport, then he got his money back.

  jack 14:36 29 Nov 2007

This all goes to show the in the most part any one with political ambitions is shown to be self seeking, avaricious, and inept.
Just the sort of person who should not be one.

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