Pamy 16:22 24 Dec 2005

'Information Technolgy' seams to cover a vast range. Just out of curiosity could someone explain as briefly as possible, just what may be involved in this work?

  pj123 16:54 24 Dec 2005

I have typed up 3 responses to this thread but have cleared them all (this is the fourth). I am not sure I understand what the question is?

Yes, IT does cover a vast range, so it isn't easy to cover it briefly. It is now called ICT (Information & Communications Technology)

But what is it that you want to do?

  Pamy 17:08 24 Dec 2005

pj123, if I applied for a job in IT, what would I have to do. What would my knowledge have to cover. What advice would I be expected to provide.
Would I need to have big ellbows ?

  pj123 17:36 24 Dec 2005

That depends on the criteria of the job description. If it says must have a good knowledge of Word, Excel, Access etc. then that is what you need. If it is for an IT
teaching job you would probably need a lot more knowledge.

I was an IT Trainer for a local County Council for 10 years before I retired. I taught IT up to NVQ level 3.

Give us an example of the job you are looking at.

  Pamy 17:55 24 Dec 2005

I am not looking for a job, but I have heard and read about people who say that they work in IT, and I just wondered what they actally did for 8hours+per day.

  pauldonovan 17:58 24 Dec 2005

I often joke, at the company where I'm an "IT Director" that it means anything with a plug on it.

I had to laugh when I saw Jeb's Jobs:
click here

and several times recently have thought of this call "You've LOST YOUR CAR KEYS?!!?!" when calls have come in to our help desk.

It really does what it says on the tin - especially now people often including "communications" in it as per pj123 above. I guess in a brief summary, it involves implementing, maintaining and managing everything that involves Computers and Communications. That what you were looking for?

There are many different specialisms within IT/ICT. Are you looking to work in that field?

  Pamy 18:17 24 Dec 2005

Thanks Pauldonavan, yes thats probably more what I thought a job in IT was about. Someone who is at everyones beck and call to sort out their particular computer problem, with the actual computer or with a program that they could not get to do what they expected. Someone then with a vast amount of knowledge of using all a companies programs and about getting crashed computers up and running again quickly.

I could not get Jeb's Jobs to run, but I'm don't work in IT

  wee eddie 18:13 29 Dec 2005

There are a couple if "newly employed" IT Specialists here, who obviously have a very scanty knowledge of their trade.

As far as I can see. There are just 2 qualifications for the job.

1. To speak in acronyms.

2. To be able to quickly do half-a-dozen things on the keyboard, and then turn to the questioner saying "That's the way you should have done it." or "It's quite simple really."

  PaulB2005 18:38 29 Dec 2005

"people who say that they work in IT" mean they use a computer but don't have a job title worth mentioning....

  Forum Editor 23:58 29 Dec 2005

and of course there are jobs at different levels. I know IT people who earn over £100,000 a year, and I know IT people who earn less than a quarter of that.

IT careers can involve working at the coal face of networking - helpdesks, or planning corporate IT strategy for 6000 desktops and a multi-million pound budget.

I've worked in IT for most of my working life, and I've done pretty well everything over the years. It's a great life, but it can be incredibly tense at times. I still remember the time I was alone, late at night, in a twentieth floor server room in the middle of Singapore, when quite suddenly the web server went offline in a big way. The client was a major international bank, and I was there to launch a new website where customers of 'high net worth' could login and view their investment portfolios. Sixty of them were logged in when everything crashed around me, and although the aircon was running full blast I sweated profusely for about an hour until the beast of a server did its thing for me and went back online.

At times like that virtually any other job seems really attractive. Don't work in IT if you want a predictable, quiet life.

  wee eddie 08:28 30 Dec 2005

I bet it'll stand you in good stead when you become a Senior

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