Issue or Problem?

  VideoSentry 13:36 19 Jul 2007

When is a problem an Issue? and does it imply that an issue (as in children ) is also a problem?
Either way round where did it start?

  Si_L 14:32 19 Jul 2007

Could issue not be said to be a synonym of the word problem? And vice-versa?

  J Cricket 14:38 19 Jul 2007

In my mind, an issue needn't be negative, simply something that is in dispute and must be sorted out (and you couldn't have an issue child, could you), but a problem always is (think maths).

  wolfie3000 14:48 19 Jul 2007

I thought Issue meant to give someone or go somewhere,

Issuing orders or to issue forth.

  MichelleC 17:06 19 Jul 2007

My interpretation of a problem is that it's something fairly concrete, whereas an 'issue' is something a bit deeper, linked to other things, perhaps even emotional.

  oresome 17:03 21 Jul 2007

I agree with MichelleC in that a problem is fairly concrete and something the male of the species can comprehend and seek a solution to.

An issue will go over the head of the male who would simplify it to a problem with a solution.

The female would recognise the compexity of the problem for the issue it really was. It couldn't be resolved if ever without a much fuller discussion of the intangibles with others of a like mind who would add to the complexity by shining light on areas which were hitherto not considered as potential problem areas ......... certainly not by the male with his somewhat blinkered approach.

More devious males may have recently adopted the word 'issue' to pretend that they understand the full extent of any problem. The success of this strategy depends on not offering solutions as this would clearly demonstrate a lack of understanding of the issues involved.

  wallbash 17:06 21 Jul 2007

Well oresome , that was some reply.
Will get my wife to explain it to me , if she can spare the time .

  QuizMan 22:49 21 Jul 2007

I think that the problem is the cause and the result is the issue. For example, it's a problem if I can't work out how to use a new-fangled bottle opener. It's an issue if I can't open my beer bottle.

  Forum Editor 22:55 21 Jul 2007

That's as good an explanation as any I've seen.

My wife - who knows about such things - tells me that every time she presents me with a problem I want to solve it, although she isn't necessarily looking for that. She says that women often just want someone to listen to them telling about a problem, and to sympathise with them - agreeing that there really is a problem - rather than coming up with solution.

Problem solving can easily become the issue in such circumstances.

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