ISP cashing up on Copyright!

  perpetual motion 15:47 01 Apr 2009

Is this legal?
Two days ago my brother d/l a torrent it was a tiny file of 7 meg dont ask me what it was i dont know? anyway he got booted from the NET by our ISP, when he woke up this morning there was a letter from them stating that due to him breaking the copyright law they have dissconnected his NET connection & if he wanted it back on he would have to sign a declaration & PAY a £30 admin fee!

about a hour ago he paid the £30 but asked who gets the money? was it the company who owned the material (Game ive just found out) & they (ISP) said it was THEM who got all of the £30 for a admin fee.?

IS this right that our ISP's can Racketeer & give nothing to the companies that made/realeased the software in the fist place? there as bad as the downloaders themselves for offering NOTHING to the creaters/artist's..

If anyone can shed any light on this i'd be VERY greatful!

  Cymro. 16:01 01 Apr 2009

I suppose that ISPs have been criticised a lot for allowing illegal downloads and anyway they are the boss so to speak and can do much as they like.

As for them not paying anything to the original artist, your brother was never intending to pay anything to the original artist anyway so it is a case of the kettle calling the pot black.

  wiz-king 16:47 01 Apr 2009

I very much doubt if it was a 'first offence', most probably the ISP had been notified by the copyright holders or the performing rights society.

  Forum Editor 18:43 01 Apr 2009

and has no right to complain. I very much doubt that his internet access was terminated simply because of a single incident in any case. The ISP is entitled to charge an admin fee if it wishes too - there's no law that says otherwise.

  perpetual motion 01:50 02 Apr 2009

FE the question is CAN the IPS keep all the money they gain from copyright infringement? would it not be more fair to at least let the artist &/or the makers of the software have at least a peice of it.?

i dont think my brother has a issue paying it & he's learnt his lesson belive me this is about a greedy IPS he says he would have no issue paying it provided the owners/creaters get something out of it.

  Kevscar1 06:22 02 Apr 2009

He didn't care that the owners/creators got nothing when he downloaded pirate stuff bit hypocritical to compain about them getting nothing now.

  ened 07:07 02 Apr 2009

Which isp is it?

  dagnammit 08:47 02 Apr 2009

Oh, time for The Pirate Song: click here ;)

Tough luck on him. Good for his ISP. Hopefully this keeps up and all the pirates get dumped off the internet.

  ened 08:56 02 Apr 2009

It is not all bad.

The other day I was pootling about and came across a Robert Plant and Alison Krauss video, which I downloaded. I have no idea whether it was legal or not , but I liked it so much I went into HMV and bought the CD.

It is fantastic and I have been playing it all the time, but probably wouldn't have if my attention hadn't been drawn to it.

  dagnammit 09:10 02 Apr 2009

I meant the downloaders, the ones that hog bandwidth, ie. steal software, movies and music. Not people that post 2 minute clips from TV shows.

  sunnystaines 10:03 02 Apr 2009

who was the ISP?

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