Isn't it amazing what you can do with 5000 tonnes of sand?

  Forum Editor 10:30 19 Apr 2014
  carver 10:39 19 Apr 2014

Saw that article earlier and you have to be impressed with the degree of skill shown in producing such brilliant work with just sand.

  Woolwell 10:47 19 Apr 2014

Sand sculpture has been taking place for many years at Weymouth which has the better sand that Weston (Weston on the mud). Sandworld.

You may gather that I used to live at Weymouth hence the bias!

  spuds 11:20 19 Apr 2014

I suppose its a bit like ice sculptures,and some of the works of art that produces, especially around competition time.

My local council do not go as far as that with its large volume of sand, when it decides to turn the town hall square into a giant sand pit for the youngster's to play in, usually during school time. but we have had the odd student or two from the local university form their own sculptures to the amusement of the kid's and adults attending the event :O)

  john bunyan 14:03 19 Apr 2014

I lived for 10 years in Scheveningen, a seaside area of The Hague; they had an annual event that was stunning..

Scheveningen Sand

I believe the "world championships" are in Portugal where 35, 000 tonnes of sand are involved.

  TopCat® 18:40 19 Apr 2014

What beautiful and complex sculptures composed by these gifted people. They make me envious of their talents but then,I'm not too bad with a bucket and spade if I say so myself!! TC.

  sunnystaines 19:28 19 Apr 2014

in the dec/jan storms the sand disappeared from some of our local coves and replaced it with rocky boulders, a little sand has returned but not much. long term locals say it will all come back eventually.

  BT 08:48 20 Apr 2014

Perhaps someone should send one of these people round to my friend Niecey's garden. She has a 5 tonne heap of sandy soil that her husband dug out to make his huge garden pond, and she's getting a bit fed up with it just sitting there.

  amonra 11:08 20 Apr 2014

BT Ah, as the rail companies would say, "It's the wrong sort of sand" !!!

  BT 07:30 22 Apr 2014


Its been there 5 years, and she's getting fed up with her Hubby saying he'll get rid of it, but she says the last 'Man with a Truck' took one look at it and disappeared at a rate of knots. Personally I think she should just give up and turn it into the biggest rockery in the world.

  TopCat® 15:41 05 May 2014

Sad to say that some of these great exhibits have been vandalised. I hope they throw the book at the three men caught on CCTV if the police succeed in apprehending them. A hard rubbing down with some very coarse sand might make them think twice before being so stupid again. TC.

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