Irresponsible people that ignored local advice

  TopCat® 14:36 24 Aug 2009

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Words fail me on this stupidity except to say that thankfully no-one lost their life, this time. TC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:02 24 Aug 2009

There is no lower level that human stupidity can descend to. One hopes that these people do not breed.


  wiz-king 16:44 24 Aug 2009

Unfortunately they will - lots - and live on 'the social' for ever. :-)

  Cymro. 17:20 24 Aug 2009

Living on the edge of the Snowdonis National Park we have stories like these all the time. As GANDALF says "There is no lower level that human stupidity can descend to" but I don`t see what wiz-king is trying to say with his "live on 'the social' for ever"

  Cymro. 17:25 24 Aug 2009

So whats all this
"Unfortunately they will - lots - and live on 'the social' for ever. :-)"
What have you got against people who live on the social then?

People who live their lives on benefits are not all stupid nor do all of them choose to do so. There are many who have no choice but to live their whole lives on as you say "the social". Not all of us are as lucky as you seem to be.

  wiz-king 18:00 24 Aug 2009

I pay for them!

  TopCat® 18:00 24 Aug 2009

common sense when putting out to sea. The organisers of this training must take the full blame for not informing the coastguard of their intentions, their starting off point and destination.

Those rowers that blatantly ignored good advice on weather and sea conditions from the locals are not blameless either. In the prevailing high sea conditions of yesterday they were downright foolish to venture out. TC.

  Diemmess 18:33 24 Aug 2009

Far from state benefit income, a one time hotellier in a small town northside and up-river from the M48 Severn Bridge bought a fast cabin cruiser, meaning to tow it to his native Italy, and sell it at a huge profit.
This was before VAT applied in the UK

He put the boat into the water from the old Beachley ferry slipway and headed out full speed for Bristol.
He plainly had never consulted a chart and tore the Z-drive off the boat on the shallow English Stones.

I believe he was rescued by some of the water skiers that used to use the spot, but the boat was severely damaged.

Nowadays the Severn Area Rescue Association serve the Severn estuary very well.
Like the RNLI they are voluntary, dependent on public subscription and I would like to think that those they help should make an instant donation in accordance with their ability to pay

  jakimo 18:56 24 Aug 2009

As usual some would critise those that they no nothing about. Before claiming that the Woodvale Challenge Sea Rowers live off the social,you may be interested to know about the funds they raise for charities as just one of the good work they do around the world,I suggest you read and learn what is said about Woodvale Challenge

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  Noldi 19:00 24 Aug 2009

This weekend I was in the Alps looking at going up Monterosa but the weather turned so we had to come down. I the Hut was a group of English climbers that where set on going up despite the weather, The care taker of the hut advised them it was a bad idea but that was not deterring them, Our mountain guide also had a word but not a lot of impact. We came down and struggled in the fog, I haven’t look at the news today but I hope they changed their minds.

Some people have a goal and no matter they have to go.


  kev d 19:03 24 Aug 2009

Thankfully not the ultimate price but certainly via their bank accounts. I applaud their charitable work so it may be fitting that the next beneficiaries are the ones who saved them.

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