Ironic or what?

  gardener 00:21 05 Jul 2010

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'A council spokesperson said the plans should bring millions of pounds into the local economy, create jobs and attract an extra 100,000 visitors each year'.

And the environment suffers as a result.

  Quickbeam 08:10 05 Jul 2010

We've bee altering the environment to suit ourselves for a long time, that'll never change. By acknowledging the damage done in all that time, at least we should be limiting further irreversible damage.

  sunnystaines 09:07 05 Jul 2010

looks like a rise in rates for locals to pay for it, another large waste of money in the name of art.

  Quickbeam 09:30 05 Jul 2010

'Sceptical or what?', I think you put the wrong title on...

  Woolwell 10:28 05 Jul 2010

"And the environment suffers as a result." I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion unless you are taking into account the number of visitors coming by road to view it. If you know Portland it would be difficult to ruin it after all the quarrying etc and this could be a very good tourist attraction which is what the region needs. Tim Smit, one of the founders of the Eden Project is behind it and he is reportedly a conservationist and is also an entrepreneur.

  Grey Goo 11:59 05 Jul 2010

I fear sitting in a circle looking skyward and making a wish may not have a great effect on those wantonly destroying the planet. Still you can sell replica's of annihilated species in the "Gift Shop"

  gardener 12:11 05 Jul 2010


Regarding Portland's wildlife, take a look at this site:
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I just think the whole idea is wrong, I can see that it may increase peoples' awareness of the fragility of certain species, indeed all species, but I feel the money could be better spent. I also think the influx of visitors would be detrimental to Portland's wildlife, as has been demonstrated elsewhere.

  Quickbeam 13:16 05 Jul 2010

"Still you can sell replica's of annihilated species in the "Gift Shop""
Yep, the post definitely has the wrong title.

  Woolwell 13:37 05 Jul 2010

I don't think that having a site at New Ground will affect the rest of the wildlife on the island. It is difficult to imagine where they would site it overlooking or at East Weares unless it is on the old naval barracks area and that could be an improvement on what is there but I doubt if it would attract sufficient visitors in that area.

One of the reasons that the fauna is good is the due to, perhaps strangely, the poor soil and possibly the remnants of the strip farming system.

Mustn't mention bunnies though!

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